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UCLA Professor Efrén Pérez Discusses the Evolution of the Term "People of Color" and Its Current Meaning

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In a recent Washington Post (Monkey Cage) essay, Dr. Efrén Pérez, UCLA Professor of Political Science and Psychology, discusses how all racial minorities have been in solidarity with one another during the current anti-racism protests.…

The Promise of an Inevitable Tech Future that Obscures More than It Inspires

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Dr. Ramesh Srinivasan, UCLA Professor of Graduate Studies of Education and Information Sciences and Bedari Kindness Institute Faculty Advisory Committee member, recently co-authored a hybrid academic/journalistic piece in Salon discussing how…

Dr. Robin D.G. Kelley Provides Historical Context for the Current Abolitionist Movement

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Dr. Robin D.G. Kelley, UCLA Professor of African American Studies and Distinguished Professor of History & Gary B. Nash Endowed Chair in U.S. History, was recently interviewed for Intercepted with Jeremy Scahill. In the podcast episode,…
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Mindfulness Meditation Activates Altruism

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UCLA Professors Akihiro Nishi and Michael Irwin and colleagues co-authored a paper that was published in Nature's Scientific Reports titled, "Mindfulness Meditation Activates Altruism," on April 16, 2020. Dr. Nishi and Dr. Irwin are affiliated…

The COVID-19 Crisis and the Importance of Data Sovereignty in Indigenous Communities

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"Indigenous Peoples across the country continue to be disproportionately impacted by the coronavirus. As of May 18, 2020, the Navajo Nation has the highest Covid-19 case rates surpassing New York, the pandemic’s epicenter in the United…

UCLA Professor Eric Avila Discusses the Historical Link between White Supremacy and Los Angeles Transportation Plans

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In a recent KCRW Greater L.A. podcast titled, "LA Freeways: The infrastructure of racism," UCLA Professor Eric Avila spoke about how White Supremacy motivated some city transportation plans. For example, "Boyle Heights...was redlined by banks…

UCLA Professor Safiya Noble Pens A Reckoning for Restoration and Reparation

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For the newly launched magazine, NOEMA, Dr. Safiya Noble wrote an essay that calls out the titans of technology, and challenges us all to look at the societal needs of this pivotal moment. As calls for abolition and racial justice echo from…

UCLA Division of Social Sciences Statements in Support of Black Lives Matter

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The brutal, in-your-face murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police was just the latest in a long succession of Black killings captured on video. Following closely on the heels of the shooting death of Black jogger Ahmaud Arbery by white,…

LA Social Science Presents "Conversation with Changemakers" Featuring Dr. Amada Armenta

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The current state of relations between multiple arms of law enforcement and the similarities and differences between police brutality aimed at Latinos and African Americans is discussed with Dr. Amada Armenta, UCLA assistant professor in…