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LeisyAbregoAssociate ProfessorChicana/o StudiesCentral American immigration, Latina/o families, the inequalities created by gender, and the production of “illegality” through U.S. immigration laws,Complex consequences of U. S. immigration laws; Central American migration; Immigrant and Transnational Families; Gender; Latino undocumented youthabrego@ucla.edu
Bunche 7357
(310) 206-9414
Stephen B.AcabadoAssistant ProfessorAmerican Indian Studies, Archaeology, AnthropologyHistorical ecology, landscape archaeology, agricultural systems, settlement patterns, emergent complexity, indigenous peoples; Southeast Asia, Philippines, Guam, Micronesia
, Archaeology
Haines 370
(310) 825-9359
Salih CanAciksozAssistant ProfessorAnthropologyWar and political violence; gender and masculinity; embodiment and disability; affect and trauma; humanitarianism; nationalism; authoritarianism; reproductive technologies; Turkey; the Middle East , Psychocultural and Medical Anthropologyaciksoz@ucla.edu
Haines 305

VictorAgadjanianProfessorSociologySocial Demography; Migration; Sexual and Reproductive Health and Behavior; Family; Religionagadjanian@soc.ucla.edu
Haines Hall 206
(310) 267-4943
JohnAgnewProfessorGeographyPolitical Geography of Modern Europe; Place and Politics in Modern Italy; No Borders, No Nations: Nationalism and Borders in the Balkans; Sovereignty and Globalization; Geopolitics of the World Economy; Political Geography of Water; Critical Geopolitics of China; International Political Economy; European Urbanization, and Italy, Political and urban geography, international political economy, Italy, Mediterranean World
Bunche Hall 1171
(310) 825-1713
RandallAkee (Native Hawaiian)Assistant ProfessorAmerican Indian StudiesLabor Economics; Economic Development and Migration; Human Trafficking, Poverty and Educational Attainment and Crime; Political Institutions and Economic Development; Property Institutions and Investment on American Indian lands; Income and Wealth Inequality by race and ethnicity, Economic Development, Education, Ethnicity and Development Politics, Immigration, Labor and Employmentrakee@ucla.edu
Public Affairs 3250
(310) 825-6934
H. SamyAlimProfessorAnthropologyLanguage, power, and identities; language and race, racism and (trans)racialization (raciolinguistics); the language and verbal art of Hip Hop Culture, locally and globally; Muslim youth cultures; language, culture, and education; culturally sustaining pedagogies; Black Language; U.S., Spain, South Africa., Linguistic Anthropology and Sociocultural Anthropologyhalim@ucla.edu
Haines 384

Walter R.AllenProfessorSociology, African American StudiesComparative race, ethnicity and inequality; Diversity in higher education; Family studies
Moore Hall 3101A-1
(310) 206-7107
Francis R.AndersonProfessorSociologyModern Europe: Intellectual History
Bunche Hall 6265
(310) 825-4601
Richard D.Anderson Jr.ProfessorPolitical ScienceComparative Politics; political language and voting rights in the United States, undemocratic polities, democracy in colonialism and decolonization, Russian politics, introduction to world politics, analytic approaches to comparative politics, and politics in Western Europeranderso@ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 4351
(310) 206-5228
JuliannAnesiAssistant ProfessorGender Studiesjanesi@ucla.edu
Rolfe Hall 1312

HannahAppelAssistant ProfessorAnthropologyThe anthropology of capitalism; U.S. oil and gas firms; the private sector in Africa; the economic imagination, Sociocultural Anthropology
Haines 318C
(310) 267-4253
AndrewApterProfessorHistory, AnthropologyWest Africa (Yoruba, Nigeria) and the African Diaspora (Haiti, Dominican Republic, Cuba), History of Anthropology, Social Theory, Afrocentric cultural dynamics, capitalist modernity, Atlantic slaveryaapter@history.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 5369
(310) 794-9547
StephenAronProfessorHistory, American Indian Studiesfrontiers and borderlands in North America; bridge the divide between "academic" and "public" history , United States, History, North American Frontiers, Borderlands, and American Westsaron@history.ucla.edu
Bunche 7391
(310) 825-1883

JohnAskerProfessorEconomicsantitrust policy, cartel behavior, vertical restraints, the competitive impact of mergers, auction design, firm-level productivity and the effects of industry subsidies, Industrial Organizationjohnasker@econ.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 8363

SebouhAslanianAssociate ProfessorHistoryEarly modern world and Armenian history, Middle Eastern Studiessaslanian@history.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 7383
(310) 825-4261
AndrewAtkesonProfessorEconomicsMacroeconomics and International Economics, finance, sustainability of international debt, the design of monetary policy and the measurement of the firm solvency, Macroeconomics and International Economicsandy@atkeson.net
Bunche Hall 9379
(866) 312-9770
EricAvilaProfessorHistory, Chicana/o Studies20th Century U.S. History; urban and cultural history; popular/mass culture; history of architecture and the built environment; race and ethnicity; Chicano Studies. intersections of racial identity, urban space, and cultural representation in twentieth century America, 20C––U.S.urban, cultural, race and ethnicityeavila@ucla.edu
Bunche 7375
(310) 206-7695
CesarAyalaProfessorSociologyComparative/Historical Sociology, Economic Sociology, Race and Ethnicity in the Caribbean and Latin Americacjayala@soc.ucla.edu
Haines Hall 245
(310) 267-4306
BryonnBainAssociate ProfessorAfrican American Studieship hop theater innovator, spoken word poetry champion, prison activist, actor and educatorbryonnrollybain@gmail.com
Rolfe Hall 1318

PeterBaldwinProfessorHistoryComparative history of modern Europe and the United States, Europepbaldwin@ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 7240
(310) 396-0108
DavidBaqaeeAssistant ProfessorEconomicsMacroeconomics, Network Economics, IO, Applied Economic Theorybaqaee@econ.ucla.edu

StefanBargheerAssistant ProfessorSociologyComparative/Historical Sociology; Sociology of Science, Knowledge, and Technology; Environmental Sociologybargheer@soc.ucla.edu
Haines Hall 283
(310) 825-9209
Matt A.BarretoProfessorPolitical Science, Chicana/o Studiespolitical participation of racial and ethnic minorities in the United States,approaches to research, research methodology, the Voting Rights Act, elections, statistics and Latino politicsbarretom@ucla.edu
Bunche 3284
(310) 794-1051
H. ClarkBarrettProfessorAnthropologyEvolutionary psychology, biological anthropology, cognitive development, hunter-gatherer ecology; South America
, Biological Anthropology
Haines 376
(310) 267-4260
VictorBascaraAssociate ProfessorAsian-American StudiesPost-colonial studies (esp. U.S. imperialism); Asian American cultural politics; critical race studies; comparative ethnic studies; gender and sexuality; new social movements; mass/popular culture; media and technology, Asian American literature and culture (graduate and undergraduate), contemporary Asian American communities, Asian Americans and war, Filipino American experience, technology and new social movements, empire and sexuality, new media and the new world order, cultural politics of movements, and research methodologiesvbascara@asianam.ucla.edu
Rolfe Hall 3336
(310) 794-7780
KathleenBawnProfessorPolitical ScienceAmerican Politics and Methodology, political parties, focusing on roles they play in stabilizing coalitions and organizing politicskbawn@polisci.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 4240
(310) 794-5048
StephenBellProfessorGeographyhistorical and cultural geography, Latin America, and the history of geographic thought, Brazil, Latin America, Historical Geography, Environmental Historysbell@geog.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 1255

Stephen AndrewBellProfessorHistoryHistorical and cultural geography, Latin America, and the history of geographic thought; Historical geography; Latin America, especially Brazil and the southern cone region; the evolution of the world economy; European travelers in South Americasbell@geog.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 1255
(310) 825-1619
SakiBigioAssistant ProfessorEconomicsnexus between financial markets liquidity and the macro-economy, builds on a broad range of theories of financial market liquidity and financial intermediation, to develop models designed to provide meaningful quantitative answers, Finance, Macroeconomicssbigio@econ.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 9282
(310) 825-9397
Charlene VillaseñorBlackProfessorChicana/o Studiesart of the Ibero-American world, as well as Chicana/o artcvblack@humnet.ucla.edu
Dodd Hall 200D
(310) 267-4816
MayleiBlackwellAssociate ProfessorChicana/o Studies, American Indian Studies, Gender StudiesU.S. women of color feminist theory: Social movements and historiography, Chicana feminism; Women's social movements in Mexico: Indigenous women's political mobilization, Sexual rights and human rights organizing; Transnational organizing: Latin American feminisms, Cross border activism, Migrant indigenous organizing; Queer of color genealogies; Collaborative research, oral history and ethnography, Indigenous Women, Social Movements, Indigenous Migration, Transborder Organizing and Community Formation, Chicano/a Studiesmaylei@chavez.ucla.edu
Bunche 7349
(310) 925-3082
GraemeBlairAssistant ProfessorPolitical Sciencecomparative politics, West Africa, experimental methodologygraeme.blair@ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 3274
(310) 825-4331
SimonBoardProfessorEconomicsAuctions, Contracts, Industrial Organization., Microeconomic Theory and Industrial Organizationsboard@econ.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 9353
(310) 825-5304
AomarBoumAssociate ProfessorAnthropologyEthnic and religious minorities; Islam; anthropology of religion, history, youth, and festival; Holocaust; sociology of Morocco; historiography; Morocco; North Africa; sub-Saharan Africa; Middle East, Sociocultural Anthropologyaboum@anthro.ucla.edu
Haines 311
(310) 825-9516
Jennie E.BrandProfessorSociologyStratification/Mobility; Social Demography; Education; Jobs/Careers; Quantitative Methodologybrand@soc.ucla.edu
Haines Hall 228
(310) 206-1049
P. JeffreyBrantinghamProfessorAnthropology, ArchaeologyPaleoanthropology; simulation modeling; carnivore ecology; hunter-gatherers; stone technology; evolutionary theory; China, Mongolia, Tibetbranting@ucla.edu
Fowler A421
(310) 267-4251
Karida L.BrownAssistant ProfessorSociology, African American StudiesCulture and history of African Americans, migration, coalfields of eastern Kentucky, race, roots, Souls of Sociology, Black graduate students, double consciousness, school desegregation, ethnography; Historical Sociology; Race & Ethnicity; Social Theory; Migration; Education; Oral History;W.E.B. Du Bois, Community Archives; Public Artskbrown@soc.ucla.edu
Haines Hall 297
(310) 206-2130
ScotBrownAssociate ProfessorAfrican American StudiesAfrican American history, african american community, social/political movements, history of funk music and popular culturesbrown@history.ucla.edu
Rolfe Hall 1321
(310) 267-5460
Robert L.BrownProfessorArchaeologyIndia and Southeast Asia; art, culture, religionrlbrown@humnet.ucla.edu
Dodd Hall 247D
(310) 825-3577 
TaraBrownerProfessorAmerican Indian StudiesAmerican Indian music in works by Western composers; Pow-wow culture in North America and Europe; Native American flute performance and contemporary ideologies, Ethnomusicology; American Indian music in works by Western composers; Pow-wow culture in North America and Europe; Native American flute performance and contemporary ideologiestbrowner@ucla.edu
SMB 2085
(310) 825-8449
RogersBrubakerProfessorSociologysocial theory, immigration, citizenship, nationalism, and ethnicity, Comparative/Historical Sociology, Theorybrubaker@soc.ucla.edu
Haines Hall 232
(310) 825-1129
GregoryBryantProfessorCommunicationevolution of vocal communication and social behavior, Vocal communication, cross-cultural vocal production and perception, voice acoustics, pragmatics, music cognition, evolutionary psychologygabryant@ucla.edu
Rolfe Hall 2331
(310) 825-5984
MosheBuchinskyProfessorEconomicsdevelops econometric tools and applies them to labor economics and public finance, Applied Econometrics, Econometrics, Labor Economicsbuchinsky@econ.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 8373
(310) 206-9665
Aaron A.BurkeProfessorArchaeologyBronze and Iron Age Levant; Archaeology of Warfare; Egyptian Imperialism in Canaan; Eastern Mediterranean trade in the Bronze Ageburke@humnet.ucla.edu
Humanities 382
(310) 206-7218
Lucy Mae San PabloBurnsAssociate ProfessorAsian-American Studiestheater and performance, Filipino Studies, cultures of/against empirelmburns@ucla.edu
Rolfe Hall 3336
(310) 825-7625
ArielBursteinProfessorEconomicstrade and international macroeconomics, International, Macroeconomicsarielb@econ.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 8365
(310) 206-6732
JesseByockProfessorArchaeologyViking Age Scandinavia; Icelandic and Scandinavian archaeology, history, and political economy; feud and control of violence; sagas; the North Atlantic worldbyock@humnet.ucla.edu
Royce Hall 212
(310) 825-0671
KeithCamachoAssociate ProfessorAsian-American Studies, American Indian StudiesEmpire, gender, indigeneity, militarism, postcolonialism, war, anthropology, literature, and history indigenous studies, historian of Chamorros and other Pacific Islanders, U.S. colonial law and to its imperial regimes of freedom, punishment, and surveillance in the Pacific, Empire, gender, indigeneity, militarism, postcolonialism, war, Asian American studieskcamacho@ucla.edu
Rolfe 3336
(310) 267-5559
JudithCarneyProfessorGeographyAfrican components of the Columbian Exchange; agrarian change in sub-Saharan Africa; human-environmental relations; mangrove ecologies and food systems in West Africa, Brazil, and Mexico, critical development studies; political ecology; agricultural history, environmental history; Africa and the African diaspora; food systems and food regimescarney@geog.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 1255
(310) 825-1216
GenevieveCarpioAssistant ProfessorChicana/o Studiescomparative ethnic studies, 20th century U.S. history, (sub)urban history, and critical geography, particularly as it relates to notions of place and mobilitygcarpio@chavez.ucla.edu
Bunche 7339
(310) 267-4983
ElizabethCarterProfessorArchaeologyNear East, currently working in Turkey and southeastern Turkey; Bronze Age urban sitescarter@humnet.ucla.edu
Fowler A322-C
(310) 206-5474
EricaCartmillAssistant ProfessorAnthropologyEvolution of language; gesture; primate communication; human language development; parent-child interaction; language and thought; comparative cognition; great apes
, Biological Anthropology and Linguistic Anthropology
Haines 396
(310) 825-5679
Michelle L.CaswellAssociate ProfessorAsian-American StudiesArchival theory and practice; Information ethics; The intersection of archival studies with social justice, human rights, and pluralism; Community archives; The politics of accountability, ownership, and access; Collective memory of violence; Archival pedagogy; Visual culture; Digital history; role of records and archival institutions in the construction of memory about the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia and traces a collection of mug shots taken at Tuol Sleng prison from their creation as bureaucratic documents, to their inclusion in archives, digitization, and use by survivors and the family members of victims to spark narratives about the regime and memorialize the deadcaswell@gseis.ucla.edu
GSE&IS 214
(310) 206-3851
JessicaCattelinoAssociate ProfessorAnthropology, Gender Studies, American Indian Studies"Sociocultural anthropology, citizenship and sovereignty, indigeneity and settler colonialism, economy and value, gender, environment, American public culture, Indian gaming; United States, Native North America", Citizenship and sovereignty, indigeneity and settler colonialism, anthropology of economy and value, environment and water, gender, American public culture, American Indian gamingjesscatt@anthro.ucla.edu
Haines 397
(310) 825-4400
KyleCavanaughAssistant ProfessorGeographycoastal ecology, biogeography, spatial ecology, and remote sensingkcavanaugh@geog.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 1156

DuaneChampagne (Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa)ProfessorAmerican Indian Studiesprocesses of social change and institutionalization; institutional change and variation among native American societies and their social, economic and political responses to Western influences (i.e. incorporation into the world system, geopolitical competition and trans-societal cultural interactions), Social change and cultural continuity in indigenous nations, the administration of justice among reservation communities, California Indians past and present, higher education for indigenous peoples, tribal and indigenous government, institution building and nation building, case studies of indigenous nations, indigenous perspectives and paradigmschampagn@ucla.edu
Haines 292
(310) 825-2606
Mitchell J.ChangProfessorAsian-American StudiesEducational efficacy of diversity-related initiatives on college campuses and how to apply those best practices toward advancing student learning and democratizing institutionsmjchang@gseis.ucla.edu
Moore Hall 3127
(310) 825-0504
DenisChetverikovAssistant ProfessorEconomicshigh-dimensional models, shape restrictions, and applications of empirical process theory in econometrics, Econometricschetverikov@econ.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 8369
(310) 825-4521
King-KokCheungProfessorAsian-American StudiesAmerican Ethnic Literatures, Asian American Literature, Chinese and Chinese American Literature, Renaissance British Literature (Shakespeare and Milton), World Literature (Comparative Odysseys and Comparative Heroic Traditions), sexuality & gender studiescheung@humnet.ucla.edu
Kaplan Hall 212
(310) 825-1701
Darin EugeneChristensenAssistant ProfessorPolitical ScienceConflict, Economic Development, Political Economydarinc@luskin.ucla.edu
Public Affairs 6341
(310) 825-7196
JenniferChunAssociate ProfessorAsian-American Studieschanging world of precarious work and labor politics, with a focus on the intersections of gender, race, class and migration in comparative and global perspectivejihyechun@ucla.edu
Rolfe Hall 3319
(310) 794-7780
MichaelChweProfessorPolitical ScienceMethodology and Race, Ethnicity and Politics, communication and coordination in social networks, jury decision making and television advertisingmichael@chwe.net
Bunche Hall 3276
(310) 794-5462
M. KamariClarkeProfessorAnthropologyCulture and power; legal anthropology;  affect theory; transnationalism; globalization and diaspora theory; social and cultural theory; the anthropology of africa; race and globalization; controversies and dilemmas in social movements; critical approaches to international law; religious nationalism; the anthropology of evidence and expertise; Nigeria-West Africa; Oyotunji African Village; International Criminal Courts/Tribunals-The Hague, African Union Treaty Making-Addis Ababakamariclarke@ucla.edu
Haines 318E
(310) 794-7658
StevenClaymanProfessorSociology, CommunicationLanguage/Social Linguistics, Mass Communication/Public Opinion, Ethnomethodology, journalism and mass communication, broadcast news interviews and presidential news conferences, spoken interaction and interface with social institutions
Intersection of language, interaction, and mass communication; spoken interaction and its interface with social institutions; journalism, broadcast news interviews, presidential news conferences
Haines Hall 231
(310) 825-2090
MeredithCohenAssociate ProfessorArchaeologyMedieval Europe, archaeology of buildings, production and reception of art and architecture, uses and functions of structures and spaces, conservation theory and historiographymcohen@humnet.ucla.edu
Dodd Hall 247B
(310) 206-9399
Jessica L.CollettProfessorSociologySocial Psychology, Gender and Family, Emotions, Social Inequality, Religion, small group processes, identity, work, education, methodologycollett@soc.ucla.edu
Haines Hall 292
(310) 267-4957
KaraCooneyAssociate ProfessorArchaeologyEgyptology, gender issues of death in ancient Egypt, craft specialization, funerary arts in the ancient world, and ritual studiescooney@ucla.edu
Humanities 393
(310) 825-9222
DoraCostaProfessorEconomicsEffects of environmental stress and social networks on older age health and mortality; long-run changes in aging patterns; the effects of social networks on learning and community participation, labor economics, demography, and health, as interpreted over the long span of American economic history, Economic History, Aging, Health, Social Capitalcosta@econ.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 9272
(310) 825-4249
DanielaCusackAssociate ProfessorGeographybiogeography and ecosystem science, biogeochemistry and global change factors, drivers of plant-soil-microbe processes and carbon cycling with changes in climate and nutrient availability (e.g. nitrogen deposition, warming, deforestation, and fire regime), Biogeochemistry, Ecosystem Science, Tropical Ecologydcusack@geog.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 1255
(310) 206-5536
RickDaleProfessorCommunicationdynamics of cognition and communicationrdale@ucla.edu
Rolfe Hall 2319

SorayaDe ChadarevianProfessorHistoryHistory of the biomedical sciences from the nineteenth century to the present, with special interest in the period after World War II
, Science, genetics and society, history of science, technology and medicine
Bunche Hall 5272
(310) 825-3888
JasonDe LeónProfessorArchaeologyUndocumented Migration, Violence, Materiality, taphonomy and siteformation processes, archaeology of the contemporary, forensicscience, photoethnography, Latin America, US/Mexico borderjpdeleon@umich.edu

ErinDebenportAssociate ProfessorAnthropologyTechnologies of language circulation; secrecy; indigeneity; semiotics; critical language documentation; language ideologies; Kiowa-Tanoan languages., Linguistic Anthropologyerindebenport@ucla.edu
Haines 318B

LaurenDerbyAssociate ProfessorHistoryHer current research explores rumors about demonic animals in the central frontier of Haiti and the Dominican Republic as a form of sorcery and historical memory.
, Modern Latin America & the Caribbean
Bunche Hall 7238
(310) 267-5461
Jared M.DiamondProfessorGeographyBiogeography, Geography and Human Society; world regions and past societiesjdiamond@geog.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 56177
(310) 825-6177
Joshua FoaDienstagProfessorPolitical SciencePolitical Theory, European political theory between the 17th and 19th centuries, cinema, the American Founding, and Don Quixote, modern, continental and contemporary political theorydienstag@polisci.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 3339
(310) 267-5410
JohnDuncanProfessorHistoryLate Koryo and early Choson period; Open Ports Period of 1876-1910; Asia, Korea, East Asia, History, Korean Studies

Royce Hall 290/Bunche Hall 11373

AlessandroDurantiProfessorAnthropologyLinguistic anthropology, ethnopragmatics, phenomenological and anthropological theories of intentionality and human agency, political discourse, literacy activities, improvisation in language and music; jazz aesthetics; history of US anthropology; Samoa, U.S., Italy
, Linguistic Anthropology
Haines 349
(310) 825-2055
SebastianEdwardsProfessorEconomicsCapital Markets, Consumer Price Index, Currency Crises, Emerging Markets, Federal Reserve, Inequality, Inflation, Latin America, Mexico, NAFTA, Povertysebastian.edwards@anderson.ucla.edu
Entrepreneurs Hall 508C
(310) 206-6797
Rebecca JeanEmighProfessorSociologyHistorical and Comparative Sociology, Economic Sociology, Cultural Sociology, Social Change, Theory, Historical Demography, Quantitative and Qualitative Methodology, long-term process of social change, intersection of cultural economic and demographic factors to create social changeemigh@soc.ucla.edu
Haines Hall 252A
Robert K.EnglundProfessorArchaeologyAssyriology and Sumerology; proto-cuneiform texts from late 4th millennium BC Mesopotamiaenglund@ucla.edu
Humanities 396
(310) 825-8506
MichelleErai (Ngapuhi/Ngati Porou)Assistant ProfessorGender Studies, American Indian Studiesqueer indigenous studies, Maori in New Zealand, Postcolonial Feminist Theories, Visual Culture, Indigenous Feminisms, Violence, Historiography and the Pacific, Gendermerai@gender.ucla.edu
Rolfe Hall 2220
(310) 206-8101
Lieba BerniceFaierAssociate ProfessorGeography, Gender StudiesEthnographic and feminist approaches to understanding the spatial and cultural dynamics of contemporary transnational processes, particularly as these pertain to people's lives in Japan, the Philippines, and the United Stateslfaier@geog.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 1255
(310) 825-3525
PabloFajgelbaumAssociate ProfessorEconomicsinternational trade and the effects of regional policies on the spatial distribution of economic activity, International Trade, Macroeconomicspfajgelbaum@econ.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 8347
(310) 794-7241
Lothar VonFalkenhausenProfessorArchaeologyArchaeology of China, East and Inner Asia, coordination of archaeological materials and historical sources on ancient China, economic history and history of science and technologylothar@humnet.ucla.edu
Fowler A344
(310) 825-6046
Chi-Fun CindyFanProfessorGeography, Asian-American StudiesPopulation, migration, regional development and policy, inequality, gender, ethnicity in North America, post-Mao Chinafan@geog.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 11343
(310) 825-4921
KymFaullProfessorArchaeologybiochemistry, brain biochemistry, mass spectrometry; Andean dyes, and residue analysis on ceramics recovered from sites in Egypt, the Sudan and elsewherefaull@chem.ucla.edu

(310) 206-7881
DianeFavroProfessorArchaeologyArchitectural historydfavro@ucla.edu
Perloff Hall 1317
(310) 825-5374
Daniel M.T.FesslerProfessorAnthropologyEvolutionary psychology, biological anthropology; emotions, cooperation, aggression, social control, risk taking, ingestive and reproductive behaviors, morality, cultural evolution; Indonesia
, Biological Anthropology
Haines 390
(310) 794-9252
AishaFinchAssociate ProfessorHistory, African American Studies, Gender Studiescomparative slavery; political and intellectual movements in Cuba, Latin America, and the African Diaspora; gender ideologies in the Caribbean, and black feminist thought
African diaspora, African American history, Caribbean history, Latin American history, women and gender, slavery, social movements, Cuba, postcolonial studies, Caribbean and Latin American History, African Diaspora Studies, Black Feminism, Comparative Slavery, Black Cultural Studies
Comparative slavery; political and intellectual movements in Cuba, Latin America, and the African Diaspora; gender ideologies in the Caribbean, and black feminist thought
Rolfe Hall 2210
(310) 206-1669
ChristianFischerArchaeologyArchaeological and conservation science of stone and ceramics; non-invasive and portable spectroscopy; weathering mechanisms; sourcing and provenance; ancient Khmer material culturechrisfischer@ucla.edu

(310) 794-4915
Alan PageFiskeProfessorAnthropologyPsychological anthropology, social theory, social relationships, social/moral emotions, methodology; Africa
, Psychological and Sociocultural Anthropology
Haines 308
(310) 206-7719
CarolineFordProfessorHistoryModern France, environmental history; urban and architectural history
, Europe
Bunche Hall 5254
(310) 206-9607
JacobFosterAssistant ProfessorSociologyScience and Technology, Theory, Computational Social Science, Networks, Complex Systems, Cultural Evolution; birth, life , and death of ideasfoster@soc.ucla.edu
Haines Hall 204
(310) 825-1031
Molly MauerFoxAssistant ProfessorAnthropologyBiological anthropology; female reproductive life-history; evolutionary medicine; depression; dementia; longevity; endocrinology; fetal programming; metabolism; acculturation; Hispanic Americans; minority health disparitiesmollyfox@anthro.ucla.edu
Haines Hall 381

StephenFrankAssociate ProfessorHistoryRussian History; Peasant Studies; European Social History; Popular Culture; Crime, popular festivity, violence, and social reform in the Russian countryside from the early 19th century to the 1920s, Russia, Europe, early modern-20th centuryfrank@history.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 5345
(310) 825-1921
LorrieFrasure-YokleyAssociate ProfessorPolitical ScienceRace, Ethnicity and Politics and American Politics, racial/ethnic political behavior, immigrant political incorporation, African American politics, women and politics, and state and local politicslfrasure@polisci.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 3278
(310) 825-7829
S. MichaelGaddisAssistant ProfessorSociologyinequality, race and ethnicity, education, mental health, discrimination, experimentsmgaddis@soc.ucla.edu
Haines Hall 285
(310) 206-6362
TaoGaoAssistant ProfessorCommunicationhuman social perception and cognition, with a special focus on aspects of the human mind that can inspire the development of artificial intelligence that is communicative and trustworthy , Communications, Statisticstao.gao@stat.ucla.edu
MS 8917
(310) 825-8497
LindaGarroAnthropology, American Indian Studies"Health care decision making; health and illness in everyday life contexts; cultural models; narrative and illness; remembering"; Psychocultural and Medical Anthropology, Socio-Cultural Anthropologylgarro@anthro.ucla.edu
Haines 316A
(310) 206-6249
AliciaGaspar De AlbaProfessorChicana/o Studies, Gender StudiesChicano/a art; Popular culture; Border studies; Gender and sexuality; The Maquiladora murders; Femicide; Creative Writing,border consciousness, bilingual creative writing, Chicana lesbian literature, and barrio popular culture, Chicana feminist theory, aesthetics of place, and Latin@ noiragdealba@chavez.ucla.edu
Bunche 7367
(310) 206-3491
BarbaraGeddesProfessorPolitical ScienceComparative Politics, democratization, authoritarian transitions, and political development, Latin American politicsgeddes@ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 3373/4289A
(310) 794-5484
Gilbert Chee-LeungGeeProfessorAsian-American StudiesStructural and interpersonal racism; health inequalities; racial, ethnic, and immigrant populations; life course; stress; neighborhoods; Asian Americansgilgee@ucla.edu
CHS 46-081C
(310) 825-8838
FrancoisGeerolfAssistant ProfessorEconomicsMacroeconomics, Finance, Power Laws in Economics, macro-finance models of asset pricing and investment with financial frictions, the microfoundations of Pareto distributions and models of low interest rates and excess savings, Macroeconomics, Finance, Monetary Economicsfgeerolf@econ.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 8389
(310) 794-5342
HanayGeiogamah (Member of the Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma)ProfessorAmerican Indian StudiesPlaywriting, Theater history and critical studies; Native American theater and its history; Native American ceremonial performance: theory and practice; Native American literature and cultural world views, American Indian Dance and Theater, Playwritinghgeiog@ucla.edu
Macgowan 1355
(310) 206-1536
JamesGelvinProfessorHistorySocial and cultural history of the modern Middle East, particularly Greater Syria (the area of present-day Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, and the Palestinian territories) during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries
, Middle East
Bunche Hall 7377
(310) 206-4854
Sharon E.J.GerstelProfessorArchaeologyArt history; religious studies; intersection of ritual and art; monumental paintinggerstel@humnet.ucla.edu
Dodd Hall 247H
(310) 206-8981
ThomasGillespieProfessorGeographygeographic information systems (GIS) and remote sensing data for predicting patterns of species richness and rarity for plants and birds at a regional spatial scale and biogeography, Biogeography, Forest Ecosystems, Remote Sensing, Geography of the tropicstg@geog.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 1255
(310) 825-1818
MichelaGiorcelliAssistant ProfessorEconomicslabor economics and the economics of innovation, determinants of productivity and innovation in the 20th century, Economic History, Labor Economics, Applied Microeconomicsmgiorcelli@econ.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 9357
(310) 825-1011

Richard VonGlahnProfessorHistoryEconomic and social history of China, 10th-18th centuries; monetary history; comparative economic history; global economic integration, 1000-1800; East Asian maritime history, 1000-1800, China, Worldvonglahn@history.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 9278
(310) 825-3087
MishuanaGoeman (Tonawanda Band of Seneca )Associate ProfessorGender Studies, American Indian StudiesAmerican Indian Literatures; Cultural Geographies; Gender; Native Feminisms; Visual Culture; Literary discourse; Spatial analysis; Native and Indigenous Feminisms; thinking through colonialism, geography and literature in ways that generate anti-colonial tools in the struggle for social justice, Native American Literature, Native Feminisms, Settler Colonialism, Native American Film, Native Geographies, Race and Ethnicity, Women of Color Feminismsgoeman@gender.ucla.edu
Rolfe 2225
(310) 825-3275
CaroleGoldbergProfessorAmerican Indian StudiesCivil Procedure, Law, Federal Indian Law, Tribal Legal Systemsgoldberg@law.ucla.edu

JessicaGoldbergAssociate ProfessorHistoryhistory of medieval trade, business, and industry, definitions of regions and regional identity in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages, epistolographic culture, and the idea and practice of law in medieval societies, digital humanities, Medieval, Jewishgoldberg@history.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 6254
(310) 267-5942
MiriamGoldenProfessorPolitical ScienceComparative Politics, partisan and electoral bases of political corruption in rich and poor democraciesgolden@ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 3262
(310) 206-8166
AndreaGoldmanAssociate ProfessorHistorycultural and social history of early modern and modern China, urban history, performance, the politics of aesthetics, and gender studies, China, survey of early modern and modern China, ca. 1000-2000 (11B), as well as seminars in early modern and modern Chinese history & historiography, popular culture, and gender & sexualitygoldman@history.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 5355
(310) 825-3368
Laura E.GomezProfessorChicana/o StudiesRace and the law, law and society; Civil Procedure, Criminal Law, and Constitutional Lawlgomez@college.ucla.edu
Murphy Hall 2300
(310) 794-7245
Laura E.GomezProfessorSociologyRace and the law, law and society; Civil Procedure, Criminal Law, and Constitutional Lawlgomez@college.ucla.edu
Murphy Hall 2300
(310) 794-7245
JamieGoodwin-WhiteAssistant ProfessorGeographymigration and immigration, inequality, labor markets, and social statistics, Populations Geography, Social Geography, Migration, Immigration, Inequality, Labor Markets, Race and Ethnicity, Social Statisticsgoodwin-white@geog.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 1255
(310) 825-1071
YogitaGoyalAssociate ProfessorAfrican American Studiesblack nationalism, slavery, the modern novel, and race in a global frameygoyal@humnet.ucla.edu
Humanities 228
(310) 825-4820
NileGreenProfessorHistoryGlobal history; early modern & modern history of India/Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and Central Asia; Muslims in global history; Muslim interactions with the non-Muslim world; Sufism; the Indian Ocean; Persian & Urdu travel writing; Islamic printing
, World; South Asia; Islamic
Bunche Hall 7256
(310) 825-9498
PatriciaGreenfieldProfessorAmerican Indian Studiesrelationship between culture and human development, Developmental Psychology; relationship between culture and human development; social change and human developments, human development in Latino contexts, and media and human developmentgreenfield@psych.ucla.edu
Franz 2279C
(310) 825-7526
TimGroelingProfessorCommunicationpartisan news and the impact of new technologies on communicationgroeling@commstds.ucla.edu
Rolfe Hall 2322
(310) 267-4646
JeffreyGuhinAssistant ProfessorSociologyReligion, Education, Theory, Culture, Islam, Ethnography, Qualitative Methods, science, gender, economic equality; moral concernworks on the individual and collectiveguhin@soc.ucla.edu
Haines Hall 296
(310) 206-8660
AkhilGuptaProfessorAnthropologyEthnography of information technology, the state and development, anthropology of food, environmental anthropology, space and place, history of anthropology, applied anthropology; India and South Asia
, Sociocultural Anthropology
Haines 324A
(310) 794-7969
JoshuaGuzmanAssistant ProfessorGender StudiesPerformance studies, Latina/o cultural studies, sexual cultures, aesthetics and queer theoryjoshuaguzman@ucla.edu
Rolfe Hall 1314

Martin B.HackmannAssistant ProfessorEconomicsindustrial organization and health economics, Industrial Organization, Health Economicshackmann@econ.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 8283
(310) 825-1011
JinyongHahnProfessorEconomicsPanel data analysis; semiparametric Inference, Econometricshahn@econ.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 8383
(310) 825-2523
SarahHaleyAssociate ProfessorAfrican American Studies, Gender Studiesblack feminism, gender history, carceral studies, labor, and black radicalism
U.S. Women's and Gender History, African American History 1865-Present, Critical Prison Studies, Social Movements, Labor & Working Class Studies
Rolfe Hall 1117
(310) 206-5228
Ju Hui JudyHanAssistant ProfessorGender Studiesjudyhan@ucla.edu

Gary D.HansenProfessorEconomicsMacroeconomic theory and policy; equilibrium business cycles; aggregate labor markets., Macroeconomicsghansen@econ.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 9369
(310) 825-3847
KevanHarrisAssistant ProfessorSociologyHistorical Sociology, Welfare States, Sociology of West Asia and North Africa, Business-state relations in Iran, Ocuupational and Class mobility in Iran, Social Policykevanharris@soc.ucla.edu
Haines Hall 284
(310) 206-1247
Laurie KainHartProfessorAnthropologyCivil war, violence, segregation, borders; urban anthropology; space, architecture, art, material and visual culture; medical and psychoanalytic anthropology; ethnicity and religion; kinship, gender and social theory; Greece, circum-Mediterranean area, inner-city US, Sociocultural Anthropologylkainhart@ucla.edu
Haines 307
(310) 206-3652
ErinHartmanAssistant ProfessorPolitical Sciencestudies the methods under which experimental findings can be extrapolated beyond the experimental sample, survey design methodologies, focuses on creating new methods–including both theoretical approaches and new estimation strategies–for identifying and validating causal effectsekhartman@polisci.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 3270
(310) 825-4331
MartieHaseltonProfessorCommunicationthe study how evolution has shaped the social mindhaselton@ucla.edu
Rolfe Hall 2325
(310) 206-7445
ChadHazlettAssistant ProfessorPolitical Sciencemachine learning, developing and extending approaches to causal inference, and using these tools to study civil war and mass violencechazlett@ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 3264
(310) 825-4331
Susanna B.HechtProfessorGeographyAgroecology, Climate Change, Environmental History, Ethnicity and Development Politics, Food Systems, Forest Transition, Gender and Development, Indigenous Knowledge Systems, Latin America Matrix Ecology, Political Ecology, Tropicssbhecht@ucla.edu
Public Affairs 5270
(310) 779-5654
Kelly LytleHernandezProfessorHistory, African American Studiesrace, policing, immigration, and incarceration in the United Stateshernandez@history.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 6238
(310) 825-3884
RubenHernandez-LeonProfessorSociologyInternational Migration, Borders, Race and Ethnicity, Labor, Economic Sociology, Qualitative Methodology, Mexico, Latin Americarubenhl@soc.ucla.edu
Haines Hall 247A
(310) 825-3059
JuanHerreraAssistant ProfessorGeographyrace, social movements, queer of color critique, spatial theory, and women of color feminisms, space and power, race, Latinx geographies, and migrationjherrera@geog.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 1165

PatrickHeuvelineProfessorSociologyChildren and the Family, Cambodia, Formal Demography; childhood family structures affect child wellbeing and the transition to adulthoodheuveline@soc.ucla.edu
Haines Hall 214
(310) 825-6380
TobyHigbieProfessorHistoryUnited States social history, labor and working class history, digital humanities and public historyhigbie@history.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 5242
(310) 794-9331
RaúlHinojosa-OjedaAssociate ProfessorChicana/o Studiespolitical economy of regional integrations in various parts of the world, including trade, investment and migration relations between the U.S., Mexico, Latin American and the Pacific Rimhinojosa@ucla.edu
Bunche A241
(310) 206-4609
KatsuyaHiranoAssociate ProfessorHistoryintersection between history and critical theory with a focus on questions of ideology, political economy, and subject/subjectivity, Early modern and modern Japan, Colonialism, Racism, Critical Theory, Marxian Theory of Historyhirano@history.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 5238
(310) 825-1235
GilHochbergProfessorGender StudiesFrancophone North African literature, Palestinian literature, the modern Levant, gender and nationalism, cultural memory and immigration, memory andgender, Language Politics, Hebrew Literature, Mediterraneanism, and Minority literatureshochberg@humnet.ucla.edu
Kaplan Hall 340
(310) 825-3209
FeliciaHodge (Wailaki)ProfessorAmerican Indian Studiesdeveloping and testing culturally sensitive intervention models for vulnerable populations, environmental contamination on American Indian/Alaska Natives' reservations and in urban communities, Random Control Trials (RCT)InterviewsFocus Groups, Behavioral health and chronic health issues among American Indians and Alaska Nativesfhodge@sonnet.ucla.edu
Factor 5-940
(310) 267-2255
Douglas W.HollanProfessorAnthropologyEthnopsychology and psychoanalysis; psychiatric and medical anthropology; person-centered ethnography; Indonesia, Oceania.
, Psychocultural and Medical Anthropology
Haines 316B
(310) 825-3366
Grace KyungwonHongProfessorAsian American Studies, Gender Studieswomen of color feminism, Western liberal humanism and capital, contemporary neoliberalism, contemporary necropolitics, race, colonialism, gender, sexuality, women of color feminism and Asian American culture, Women of Color Feminism, Comparative & Relational Race Theory, Cultural Studies, Political Economies of Race, Gender, and Sexuality, Race and Neoliberalism
Rolfe Hall 3329
(310) 206-8006
HugoHopenhaynProfessorEconomicsindustry dynamics and the the optimal design of unemployment insurance, theory of dynamic optimal contracting and mechanism design with important applications to patent design and the impact of financial frictions on firm dynamics, Industrial Organization, Labor Economics, Microeconomics, Microeconomic Theoryhopen@econ.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 9377
(310) 206-8896
Tyrone C.HowardProfessorAfrican American StudiesMulticultural education, Social and political context of schools, Urban education, Social studies education, Educational experience of African American students, Educational Reform, Education Policy, Education Law, Teachingthoward@gseis.ucla.edu
Moore Hall 1022B
(310) 267-4824
Peter JamesHudsonAssociate ProfessorAfrican American StudiesIntersection of African Diaspora and Caribbean Studies and modern United States history, with a particular focus on the intertwined histories of white supremacy, capitalism, and empire, intersection of US history and African Diaspora and Caribbean cultural studiespjhudson@ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 5351
(310) 825-2347
PeterHudsonAssociate ProfessorHistoryintersection of US history and African Diaspora and Caribbean cultural studies, intertwined histories of white supremacy, capitalism, and empire, U.S. History, African Diaspora and Caribbean Cultural Studiespjhudson@ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 5351
(310) 825-2347
Darnell MontezHuntProfessor and Dean of Social SciencesSociology, African American StudiesAfrican American studies, race and ethnic relations, mass media, cultural studies, diversity in Hollywood entertainmentdhunt@soc.ucla.edu
Haines Hall 255
(310) 267-4304
MarcusHunterAssociate ProfessorSociology, African American StudiesUrban Sociology; Sexuality; Culture; Race, Class, and Gender; Racial and Ethnic Relations; Social Theory; Historical Sociology; Qualitative Methodshunter@soc.ucla.edu
Haines Hall 266
(310) 825-7865
MargaretJacobProfessor (Emeritus)HistoryHistory of Science, Intellectual History, Europemjacob@history.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 6260
(310) 794-4432
Scott C.JamesAssociate ProfessorPolitical ScienceAmerican Politics, influence of electoral institutions on American political development, focusing in particular on Electoral College competition and it's impact on legislative choice, federal law enforcement, presidential leadership, and patterns of American state-buildingscjames@ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 3343
(310) 825-4442
LeslieJohnsAssociate ProfessorPolitical ScienceInternational Relations, Methodology, international organizations to resolve interstate disputesljohns@polisci.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 3381
(310) 825-1662
Gaye TheresaJohnsonAssociate ProfessorChicana/o Studies, African American Studiesrace and racism, cultural history, spatial politics, and political economygayetheresaj@chavez.ucla.edu
Bunche 7343
(310) 267-4983
KerriJohnsonProfessorCommunicationinterested in how cues in the face and body communicate social identities to observerskerri.johnson@ucla.edu
Rolfe Hall 2330
(310) 825-3303
JungseockJooAssistant ProfessorCommunicationmultimodal communication in mass media by computational methodsjjoo@commstds.ucla.edu
Rolfe Hall 2318

IoannaKakoulliProfessorArchaeology, Getty Conservation ProgramArchaeological materials from the macro to the micro and to the nano length scale; forensic analytical imaging & conservation; materials science; Hellenistic and Roman painting; technology and synthesis of pigments; materials reverse engineering processing and diagenesiskakoulli@ucla.edu
Fowler A410
(310) 794-4915
JerryKangProfessorAsian-American StudiesCivil procedure, race, and communications, behavioral realsim, Asian American communities, hate crimes, affirmation action, Japanese American internmentkang@law.ucla.edu
Murphy Hall 2255
(310) 206-7298
KellyKayAssistant ProfessorGeographynature/society geography, political economy, social theory, land conservation and natural resource industries, Political Ecology and North Americakkay@geog.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 1174

TerenceKeelAssociate ProfessorAfrican American Studieshistory of racism and its connections to science, religion, politics, and modern life, historian, scholar of religion, critical race theorist tdkeel@g.ucla.edu

Robin D.G.KelleyProfessorHistory, African American Studiesthe history of social movements in the U.S., the African Diaspora, and Africa; black intellectuals; music; visual culture; contemporary urban studies; historiography and historical theory; poverty studies and ethnography; colonialism/imperialism; organized labor; constructions of race; Surrealism, Marxism, nationalismrdkelley@history.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 5383
(310) 825-3469
Douglas M.KellnerProfessorGender Studies Exploration of the disciplines of cultural studies and the philosophy of education, examining the relationships among technology, education, and society; Utilizing print literacy as a focus for literacy skills, the need for other basics in education, including media literacy and computer and information literacy, to better enable students to read and creatively interact with emergent technologies such as the Internet; social theory, politics, history and culturekellner@ucla.edu
Moore Hall 3022B
(310) 825-0977
Christopher M.KeltyProfessorAnthropologyScience and technology studies, specifically internet culture and history; intellectual property; the public sphere; free and open source software; public domains; commons; authorship and ownership; the history and philosophy of science and technology in the US, Europe and Indiackelty@socgen.ucla.edu
Rolfe Hall 1315
(310) 267-4775
GeorgiaKernellAssistant ProfessorCommunicationpolitical communication, party strategy, voter behavior, and electoral competition both in the U.S. and in advanced parliamentary democraciesgkernell@ucla.edu
Rolfe Hall 2323
(310) 206-9404
Cheryl L.KeyesProfessorAfrican American StudiesAfrican American music, gender, and popular music studies; rap/hip-hop music; gender in jazz and popular music studies; vernacular music analysis; performance theory


(310) 206-8644
GailKligmanProfessorSociologyComparative/Historical Sociology, Political Sociology, Ethnography, Gender, Socialism and Postsocialism, Trafficking and Migrationkligman@soc.ucla.edu
Haines Hall 251A
(310) 206-7277
ZeynepKorkmanAssistant ProfessorGender Studiestransnational feminisms; cultural politics; gender, labor, and affect; and religion, secularism, and the public sphere, with a regional focus on Turkey and the larger Middle East, transnational feminisms; cultural politics; gender, labor, and affect; and religion, secularism, and the public sphere, with a regional focus on Turkey and the larger Middle Eastkorkman@ucla.edu
Public Affairs 6238

PaulKroskrityProfessorAnthropology, American Indian StudiesLanguage and culture; language contact, identity, and ideologies; anthropology and verbal art; ethnography of communication; American Indian Languages (especially the Kiowa-Tanoan and Uto-Aztecan families); the Pueblo Southwest, Central California, Anthropology, Native American Languages (esp. Pueblo SW and California); Native American and other Indigenous Language Ideologies; Indigenous Language Documentation and Revitalization; Native American Storytellingpaulvk@ucla.edu
Haines 329A
(310) 825-6237
EdwardKungAssistant ProfessorEconomicsApplied Microeconomics, Public Finance, Finance, Urban/Regional, urban economics, real estate and real estate finance, household finance, and applied microeconomics more broadly, Applied Microeconomics, Public Finance, Finance, Urban/Regional Economicsekung@econ.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 8343
(310) 825-4387
VinayLalProfessorHistory, Asian-American StudiesIndian history, comparative colonial histories, subaltern history and Indian historiography, contemporary politics of knowledge, postcolonial theory, and the politics of culture; British India, Contemporary South Asia, the Indian Diaspora, and the Moral and Political Thought of Mohandas Gandhi; Politics of Religion and Ethnicity in South Asia; Hindu-Muslim Encounters in South Asia; "The Woman Question" in Colonial India; The Life of Krishna in Indian Art, History, and Culture; History and the Novel; the Partition of India; Violence in Contemporary Indian Society; and History and Popular Cinemavlal@history.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 5240
(310) 825-8276
PJLambersonAssistant ProfessorCommunicationsocial networks, social influence, and collective intelligencelamberson@ucla.edu
Rolfe Hall 2321
HannahLandeckerProfessorSociologyScience and technology studies, sociology and history of the life and biomedical scienceslandecker@soc.ucla.edu
Haines Hall 268
(310) 825-1517
DeborahLarsonProfessorPolitical ScienceInternational Relations, draws upon historical, psychological, and political evidence to understand foreign policy decision-making; American foreign policy, foreign policy and peace and wardlarson@polisci.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 4355
(310) 267-5411
Anna Shan-LaiLau (Chung)ProfessorAsian-American StudiesMental health care for Asian American families, culture and child psychopathology, and parent-child relations in immigrant families, parent training interventions to families from diverse cultural backgroundsalau@psych.ucla.edu
Franz Hall 1243B
(310) 206-5294
Edward E.LeamerProfessorEconomicsInternational economics, econometric methodology, North American Free Trade Agreement, dismantling of the Swedish welfare state, economic intergration of Eastern Europe, Taiwan and the Mainland, impact of globalization on the U.S. economyedward.leamer@anderson.ucla.edu
Entrepreneurs Hall 507C
(310) 206-1452
Rachel C.LeeProfessorGender StudiesAsian American literature, Asian American performance culture, Asian American ethnic identity, national belonging, globalization, gender, science and technology studies rlee@humnet.ucla.edu
Humanities 234
(310) 825-7515
Ching KwanLeeProfessorSociologyLabor, Development, Political Sociology, Global and Comparative Ethnography, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and Africa, platform capitalismcklee@soc.ucla.edu
Haines Hall 270
(310) 206-2691
HelgaLeitnerProfessorGeographyinternational migration, politics of immigrations and citizenship, urban development and sustainability, global urbanism, urban social movements, socio-spatial theory, Political and urban geography; international migration, immigrant incorporation, politics of immigration and citizenship, urban development and sustainability, urban social movements, and socio-spatial theory; regional foci USA, Europe, and SE Asiahleitner@geog.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 1144
(310) 825-1071
Richard G.LesureProfessorArchaeology, AnthropologyArchaeology of early village societies; sociopolitical dynamics and the origin of social inequality; Mesoamericalesure@ucla.edu
Fowler A343/ Haines 324B
(310) 825-4614
DennisLettenmaierProfessorGeographyhydrologic modeling and prediction, hydrology-climate interactions, and hydrologic changedlettenm@geog.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 1145
(310) 794-4327
Nancy E.LevineProfessorAnthropologyKinship and domestic economy, demography, social change, gender; Tibet and Central Asia
, Sociocultural Anthropology
Haines 395
(310) 825-2134
Jeffrey B.LewisProfessorPolitical ScienceMethodology, quantitative methodology and American politicsjblewis@polisci.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 3271
(310) 206-5295
ZhipengLiaoAssistant ProfessorEconomicsModel Selection and Model Averaging, Robust Inference of Semi/Nonparametric Models, Modelling and Inference of Nonstationary Time Series, develops methods to use data to select among different economic models, and to make inferences from nonstationary time series data, and to make robust inferences from nonparametric models, Econometric Theory, Applied Econometricszhipeng.liao@econ.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 8379
(310) 794-5427
JinqiLingProfessorAsian-American StudiesAsian American novel and short fiction; critical theory (including Continental traditions and perspectives) that concerns the following: relationship between the modern and the postmodern, philosophical discourse on mimesis and human cognition, secular criticism, and historicized aesthetics, Asian American literary studies within the larger context of cultural and racial formations in the United States, of Asians’ migration and diaspora on a global scalejling@humnet.ucla.edu
Rolfe Hall 3333
(310) 206-5412
Ka-YuetLiuAssociate ProfessorSociologySocial Networks; Social Epidemiology; Spatial Analysiska@soc.ucla.edu
Haines Hall 272
(310) 267-4967
OmarLizardoProfessorSociologyCulture, Networks, Cognition, Consumption, Social Theory, historical sociology, social movementolizardo@soc.ucla.edu
Haines Hall 290
(310) 267-5438
AdrianaLleras-MuneyProfessorEconomicsThe relationships between socio-economic status (in particular education) and health; the effect of disease on income and economic development; the determinants of fertility, Health Economics, Development Economics, Applied Microeconomics, Applied Econometricsalleras@econ.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 9373
(310) 825-3925
MichaelLofchieProfessorPolitical ScienceComparative Politics, politics of economic reform in Africamlofchie@polisci.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 4347
(310) 794-5493
SusanneLohmannProfessorPolitical ScienceMethodology, Political Theory, Comparative Politics, political economy of research universities and higher education, ethics and governancelohmann@ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 4343
(310) 794-5860
JayLuAssistant ProfessorEconomicsdecision theory, information economics and behavioral economics, Economic Theory, Decision Theory, Behavioral Economics Game Theory, Microeconomic Theoryjay@econ.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 9258
(310) 825-7380
AlizaLuftAssistant ProfessorSociologyWar and Violence; Political Sociology; Cognition; Comparative Race and Ethnicity; Comparative/Historical Sociology; Collective Action and Social Movements; social boundary processes; causes and consequences of violencealuft@soc.ucla.edu
Haines Hall 291
(310) 206-2724
GhislaineLydonAssociate ProfessorHistoryWestern African History, Economic History, History of Muslim Societies and World Historylydon@history.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 7248
(310) 825-4214
Jessica W.Lynch-AlfaroAssociate ProfessorAnthropologyEvolution of diversity in socially learned behaviors, mating strategies and social structuring in Neotropical primates; capuchin monkeysjlynchalfaro@ucla.edu
Rolfe Hall 1323
(310) 206-1889
GlenMacdonaldProfessorGeographyclimatic and environmental change including the impacts of human produced increases in atmospheric greenhouse gasses, water resources, coastal marsh systems, vegetation and fire, and the geography and history of the North American West, Biogeography, Physical Geography, Climate Change, Environmental Change, Human Impacts and Responsesmacdonal@geog.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 1255
(310) 825-1071
Reynaldo F.MacíasProfessorChicana/o Studiesbilingual education, teacher supply and demand, Chicanos and schooling, adult literacy, language choice, analyses of national language survey data, population projections, language policies, and media research, language policy/politics/demography, adult literacy and teacher studiesreynaldo@chavez.ucla.edu
Bunche 7337
(310) 206-4573
BenMadleyAssociate ProfessorHistory, American Indian StudiesNative American labor in the making of the western United States, Archival historian , Native American History, California and Oregon Indians, Genocide and American Indians, Unfree Native American Labor, Colonial Genocide and Indigenous peoplesmadley@ucla.edu
Bunche 5371
(310) 825-4601
NeilMalamuthProfessorCommunicationviolence and conflict, including an emphasis on mass media effectsnmalamut@ucla.edu
Rolfe Hall 2327
(310) 206-8868
PurnimaMankekarProfessorGender, Asian-American StudiesFeminist Media Studies, Post-9/11Public Cultures, Affect Thoeries, Outsourcing and Information Technology, Transnational Cultural Studies; South Asian America, South Asiamankekar@ucla.edu
Rolfe Hall 1120
(310) 206-8101
JosephMansonProfessorAnthropologyPrimate social behavior; human ethology and evolutionary psychology; personality; psychopathy; life history
, Biological Anthropology
Haines 389
(310) 267-4337
ElizabethMarchantAssociate ProfessorGender Studiescontemporary Afro-Brazilian expressive culture, re-conceptualizing notion of the "Black Atlantic", Latin American Cultural Studies, Comparative Race and Feminisms in the Americas, 19th- and 20th-Century Latin American Literature and Filmmarchant@gender.ucla.edu
Rolfe Hall 2222
(310) 206-8101
AnandaMarinAssistant ProfessorAmerican Indian StudiesQualitative and participatory research methods; Nature-culture relations; Socio-cultural dimensions of human development and learning; Learning and educational equity; Indigneous epistemologies and STEM learning; Video ethnography; Interaction analysis; Studies of everyday cognition; Community-based design research, Educationmarin@gseis.ucla.edu
Moore Hall 3341
(310) 206-1877
KatherineMarinoAssistant ProfessorHistorytwentieth-century U.S. and Latin American history; histories of women, gender, sexuality, and race in the Americas; human rights; and transnational feminism, United States and Latin America; Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Historykmarino@history.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 5343
(310) 825-4570
WilliamMarottiAssociate ProfessorHistorypost-WWII Japan, global history, the 1960s, Cold War, comparability, critical theory, everyday life, art and politics, performance, law and legitimation, and protest movements, Japanmarotti@history.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 5365
(310) 825-4368
NatalieMasuokaAssociate ProfessorPolitical Science, Asian-American StudiesRacial and ethnic politics, immigration, political behavior and public opinionnmasuoka@ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 3244

ValerieMatsumotoProfessorHistory, Asian-American StudiesAsian American History; U.S. 20th Century, Women's History, Oral History, food studies, Historymatsumot@history.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 6265
(310) 825-4508
RosaMatzkinProfessorEconomicscreating a tight connection between econometrics and economic theory, relaxing, at the same time, ad-hoc parametric restrictions on functions and distributions, Econometrics, Microeconomics, Nonparametric Methodsmatzkin@econ.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 8349
(310) 825-7371
Kyle T.MaysAssistant ProfessorAfrican American Studies, American Indian StudiesIndigenous studies, Afro-Indigenous studies, Indigenous popular culture, Critical Ethnic studies, Comparative race and ethnicity, Urban historymayskyle@ucla.edu
Rolfe 1328
(310) 825-5621
VickieMaysProfessorAmerican Indian Studiesunderserved populations, ethnic minority communities and women, Psychologymaysv@nicco.sscnet.ucla.edu
FH 1189
(310) 206-5159
MaurizioMazzoccoAssociate ProfessorEconomicsHousehold Decision, Intertemporal Collective Models, Risk Sharing, Consumption, family intertemporal decisions; heterogeneity in risk preferences and decisions under uncertainty; political economy and development economics, Applied Microeconomics, Labor Economics, Economic Development, Political Economymmazzocc@econ.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 8377
(310) 825-6682
TeresaMcCartyProfessorAmerican Indian StudiesAnthropology & Education; Indigenous education, language planning and policy, Indigenous language revitalization, ethnographic studies of education in and out of school, Social Research Methodology: Educational-linguistic anthropology, Indigenous/minority education, educational language policy, youth language practices, education equity, ethnographic studies of education, and language endangerment, revitalization, and rightsteresa.mccarty@ucla.edu
Moore Hall 1026
(310) 206-2569
Muriel C.McClendonAssociate ProfessorHistoryTudor-Stuart England, Europemcclendo@history.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 5341
(310) 825-3918
KirstieMcclureProfessorPolitical SciencePolitical Theory, Greek and Roman literatures, modern and contemporary political theory, the history and historiography of political literatures, contemporary literary theory, and feminist theorykmmac@polisci.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 3333
(310) 825-3650
KathleenMcGarryProfessorEconomicsEconomics of aging, health economics, public economics, insurance, well-being of the elderly with particular attention paid to public and private transfers, including the Medicare and SSI programs, and the transfer of resources within families, Economics of aging, health economics, public economics, insurancemcgarry@ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 9268
(310) 825-1011
Kathleen A.MchughProfessorGender StudiesContemporary critical and feminist theory; film and visual culture; industrial media feminism; prose and visual autobiography and self-narrationmchughla@humnet.ucla.edu
Kaplan Hall 244
(310) 825-4173
UriMcmillanAssociate ProfessorAfrican American Studies, Gender Studiesnineteenth and twentieth-century performance cultures, and their particular intersection with literary cultures and visual art, with a particular emphasis on black performance art, Englishumcmillan@ucla.edu
Humanities 210
(310) 825-4173
NormaMendoza-DentonProfessorAnthropologySociophonetics; language and Identity; multimedia ethnography; experimental writing; visual anthropology, Linguistic Anthropologynmd@anthro.ucla.edu
Haines 382
(310) 825-3274
CeciliaMenjivarProfessorSociologyInternational migration, immigrant families, immigration law, gender violence, state violence, Latin America, Central Americamenjivar@soc.ucla.edu
Haines Hall 218
(310) 267-4928
MichaelMeranzeProfessorHistoryUnited States intellectual and legal history, early America, United States, U.S. Intellectual and Legal History, emphasis on early Americameranze@history.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 6240
(310) 825-2671
MoritzMeyer-ter-VehnAssociate ProfessorEconomicsReputation, Information Aggregation, Robust Mechanism Design, Multi-Object Auctions, pure and applied economic theory, Microeconomic Theory, Game Theorymtv@econ.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 9365

LiMinAssociate ProfessorAnthropology, ArchaeologySocial archaeology and cultural history of continental East Asia focusing on emergence early civilizations in Neolithic and Bronze Age China. Historical anthropology, material culture, and conceptions of the past in early modern China. Landscape archaeology, integrating systematic survey, analysis of archaeological ceramics, remote sensing imagery, traditional studies of stone inscriptions and numismatics
, Archaeology
Haines 304
(310) 267-4588
EricMinAssistant ProfessorPolitical Scienceinterstate diplomacy, information gathering and sharing during crises, and applications of machine learning and text analysis techniques to declassified documents related to conflict and foreign policyeric.min@ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 3254

Nancy MarieMithloProfessorGender Studiesvisual anthropology, Indigenous visual arts and curation, gender analysis, film studies, photographic archives, museum critique, arts education and Indigenous knowledge production; Native North America, globalized popular culturemithlo@ucla.edu
Rolfe Hall 1120
(310) 206-8101
AileeMoonAssociate ProfessorAsian-American StudiesAging/Gerontology, Finance Welfare, welfare policy, program evaluation, family preservation and support programsaileem@ucla.edu
Public Affairs 5220
(310) 825-6219
AdamMooreAssociate ProfessorGeographySoutheast European politics, ethnic conflict and intra-state war, post-war peacebuilding, cultural diversity and the state, military logistics outsourcing, geographic theory, and qualitative methods
, Political geography
Bunche Hall 1255

MichaelMoronyProfessorHistoryNear Eastern History, Near Eastmorony@history.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 6242
(310) 825-1962
SarahMorrisProfessorArchaeologyPrehistoric (Bronze Age Aegean) through classical archaeology of Greece; relations with the Near East; Greek literaturesarahm@humnet.ucla.edu
Dodd Hall 247N
(310) 206-7369
VinitMukhijaProfessorAsian-American StudiesLow-Income/Affordable Housing, Politics, Poverty, Urban Design, Urban Redevelopmentvmukhija@ucla.edu
Public Affairs 3357A
(310) 794-4478
PamMunroProfessorAmerican Indian StudiesIndigenous languages of the Americas, language preservation and revitalization, dictionaries, syntax, historical linguistics, phonologymunro@ucla.edu
Rolfe 3326

DavidMyersProfessorHistoryJewish, Europe, Modern Jewish intellectual and cultural historymyers@history.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 5387
(310) 825-3780
PeterNabokovProfessorAmerican Indian StudiesWorld Arts and Cultures, Ethnographic and ethnohistorical research with Native American communities throughout North Americapnabokov@arts.ucla.edu
Kaufman 211
(310) 825-3089
StellaNairAssociate ProfessorArchaeology, American Indian StudiesIndigenous Art, Architecture, and Urbanism of South America. Material Culture Studies, Artistic Exchange, Hemispheric Networks, Landscape Transformations, Spatial Theory, Construction Technology and Post Colonial Theory
Material culture studies; cross-cultural exchange; hemispheric networks; landscape transformations; spatial theory; construction technology; design of Inca royal estates; Tiahuanaco stone carving; colonial Andean paintings; Brazilian urbanism
Dodd 247 J
(310) 825-8232
MinayoNasialiAssociate ProfessorHistorysocial and cultural historian of modern France and empire, Europemnasiali@history.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 5274

Steven D.NelsonProfessorAfrican American Studies, ArchaeologyContemporary and historic arts, architecture and urbanism of Africa and its diasporas, African American art history, and queer studiesnelsons@humnet.ucla.edu
Dodd Hall 212C
(310) 206-6905
Pedro AntonioNogueraProfessorSociology, Chicana/o Studies, African American StudiesFocuses on the ways in which schools are influenced by social and economic conditions, as well as by demographic trends in local, regional and global contexts; Schools and the urban environment; Education and economic and social development; Education in other countries; Race and schooling; Immigration/migration; Parents and schools; Leadership and school reform; Student achievementpnoguera@gseis.ucla.edu
Moore Hall 1041
(310) 206-9208
KathrynNorbergAssociate ProfessorHistory, Gender Studieshistory of prostitution, European women pre-1800, material culture, fashion, furniture, women of the French court, History of Prostitution, European Women Pre-1800, Material Culture: Fashion and Furniture, Women of the French Courtknorberg@ucla.edu
Rolfe Hall 1120
(310) 825-7317
BarryO'NeillProfessorPolitical ScienceInternational Relations and Methodology, studies decision-making in social and political contexts, game theory to study foreign policy decisions, with a view to preventing war, governance of international organizations, and examining the role of national prestige as a motive for countries seeking weapons of mass destructionbarry.oneill@polisci.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 4242
(310) 794-5862
IchiroObaraProfessorEconomicsPrivate information in repeated games; dynamic oligopolistic competition with imperfect or private information; theory of experts and information transmission., Microeconomic Theory, Game Theory, Industrial Organizationiobara@econ.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 9381
(310) 794-7098
Lee E.OhanianProfessorEconomicsMacroeconomic theory and policy, business cycles, growth, economic crisis, Macroeconomics, International Economicsohanian@econ.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 8391
(310) 825-0979
GregoryOkinProfessorGeographygeomorphology, plant-soil interactions, arid environments, nutrient cycling, spatial modeling, and remote sensing, Physical Geography, Soils, and Remote Sensingokin@geog.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 1255
(310) 825-1071
KarenOrrenProfessorPolitical ScienceAmerican Politics, American political institutions and social movements, analyzed in historical perspectiveorren@ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 3337
(310) 794-5871
VilmaOrtizProfessorSociologyLatina/o Sociology, Race/Ethnic/Minority Relations, Sex and Gendervilma@soc.ucla.edu
Haines Hall 241B
(310) 206-5218
SuleOzlerAssociate ProfessorEconomicsPsychoanalytic studies of Adam Smith's works, Inequalities/differences in a globalizing world as manifested in gender relations, productivity growth, and international private capital markets, Psychoanalysis, history of economic thought, economics of gender, international economics, moral philosophyozler@econ.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 9361
(310) 206-6031
AnthonyPagdenProfessorPolitical Science, HistoryPolitical Theory and Race, Ethnicity and Politics, relationship, cultural, political and legal, between the peoples of Europe and its overseas settlements and those of the non-European world from the Atlantic to the Pacific, cosmopolitanism, nationalism, internationalism and about the history and the future of the European Union
Relationship, cultural, political and legal, between the peoples of Europe and its overseas settlements and those of the non-European world from the Atlantic to the Pacific; Political Theory and Race, Ethnicity and Politics
Bunche Hall 4244
(310) 825-9984
DavidePanagiaProfessorPolitical Sciencecontemporary political theory, aesthetics and politics, affect theory, political theory and cinema, political theory and algorithmic cultures, and theories of textual interpretation, addresses how values emerge from, and organize, political societies and the forms of association that result from these dynamics of valuation, aesthetics and politics focus on relations of immigration, equality, solidarity, and political participation in democratic societiesdavidepanagia@ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 4345
(310) 825-4331
Aaron L.PanofskyAssociate ProfessorSociologySociologist of science, knowledge, and culture; history, intellectual organization, and social implications of geneticsapanofsky@socgen.ucla.edu
Life Sciences 3323D
(310) 206-9362
John K.PapadopoulosProfessorArchaeologyAegean prehistory; Greek and Italian archaeology; history and culture of the Classical and later periods; the archaeology of colonialism; the integration of literary evidence with the material record in the study of the pastjkp@humnet.ucla.edu
Fowler A422
(310) 206-4997
KyeyoungPark 박계영Associate ProfessorAnthropology, Asian-American StudiesSocial Inequality, Identity, Migration and Transnationalism, Political Economy and Globalization, Critical and Multicultural Theory, Korean/Asian American Community, Korean/Asian Diaspora, and Koreans/Asians in Latin America, Anthropology, Korean studies
Inequality (e.g., race, class, and gender); identity; migration/diaspora; transnational and global processes; critical and multicultural theory; Korean/Asian American Community; Korean/Asian Diaspora; Koreans/Asians in Latin America
, Sociocultural Anthropology
Haines Hall 383
(310) 206-3363
EllenPearlsteinProfessorGetty Conservation Program, American Indian StudiesPlant materials used as paint binders or patination materials on archaeological and ethnographic objects; the developing role of preventive conservation; and conservation education, Conservation
Conservation and preservation practices in tribal museums; inclusion of community principles in conservation practice
Fowler A410/GSE&IS 219
(310) 794-4940
EllenPearlsteinProfessorArchaeologyPlant materials used as paint binders or patination materials on archaeological and ethnographic objects; the developing role of preventive conservation; and conservation educationepearl@ucla.edu
Fowler A410
(310) 794-4940
Anne R.PebleyProfessorSociologySocial demographer; social inequality and the determinants of health, both globally and in the United States; immigration from Mexico and Central America and its consequences for health; social stratification in labor force history and Latino-white differences in old age functional limitations; neighborhood change in Los Angeles and family and child well-being; reproductive health in the Tibetan region of Chinapebley@ucla.edu
Public Affairs 4284
(310) 825-5935
EfrenPerezProfessorPolitical Sciencepolitical psychology, racial and ethnic politics, language and political thinking, implicit political cognition, and the measurement of political conceptsperezeo@ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 3284

FernandoPerez-MontesinosAssistant ProfessorHistorySocial, economic, and political transformations of Mexico and Latin America in the second half of the nineteenth-century and the early twentieth century, indigenous people, land tenure, land-use, commodities, and the environment, Purépecha people of Michoacán, Mexico, Latin Americafperez@history.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 5280

RafaelPerez-TorresProfessorGender StudiesIntersection of contemporary U.S. culture with social configurations of race, ethnicity, gender and sexuality. He is particularly interested in the intersection between contemporary multicultural production and theories of postcoloniality and postmodernityperezt@ucla.edu
Kaplan Hall 246
(310) 825-4338
SusanPerryProfessorAnthropologyPrimate social relationships, primate social cognition, communication; capuchins, macaques
, Biological Anthropology
Haines 330B
(310) 267-4338
CarlaPestanaProfessorHistoryearly American history, the history of American religion, piracy, and the history of the early modern world, United States (early period to 1800), Atlantic World, Caribbeancgpestana@history.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 5391
(310) 825-1883
MargaretPetersAssociate ProfessorPolitical Scienceinternational political economy, politics of migrationmargaret.peters@polisci.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 3389A
(310) 825-4331
Mark AlexPetersonProfessorPolitical ScienceAging/Gerontology, American Politics, HIV/AIDS, Health Care, Political Leadership, Politicsmarkap@ucla.edu
Public Affairs 6315
(310) 794-4270

DavidPhillipsProfessorHistoryGreek history; Greek law, Ancient Greecephillips@history.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 5246
(310) 825-4715
MeredithPhillipsAssociate ProfessorSociologyChildren and Families, Education, Poverty, Race and EthnicityMeredith.Phillips@ucla.edu
Public Affairs 6323
(310) 794-5475
JemimaPierreAssociate ProfessorAnthropology, African American Studiesoverlap between African Studies and African Diaspora Studies, race, racial formation theory, and political economy; culture and the history of anthropological theory; and transnationalism, globalization, and diaspora
Race/racial formation; race and political economy; cultural politics of decolonization in Africa; history and theory of anthropology; African diaspora studies and theory, Sociocultural Anthropology
Rolfe Hall 1350
(310) 825-0029
RodrigoPintoAssistant ProfessorEconomicsLabor Economics, Applied Microeconomics, Early Childhood, modeling, inference, cost-benefit analysis, external validity and treatment effect estimation of social experiments. Among the experiments he has analyzed are the Perry Pre-school Intervention, High/Scope Comparison Study, Abecedarian Project, Nurse-Family Partnership, Moving to Opportunity, and Primeira Infancia Melhor (in Brazil), Labor Economics, Applied Microeconomics, Early Childhood, Applied Econometricsrodrig@econ.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 8385
(310) 825-0849
Maria CristinaPonsAssociate ProfessorChicana/o Studiesintersections of Latin American Literature and culture, and Chicano Studies, with especial focus on cultural production and representationsmcpons@ucla.edu
Bunche 7355
(310) 206-3568
TheodorePorterProfessorHistoryhistory of science, human sciences, diverse sites of knowledge-making at universities and academics, mining boards, statistical agencies (notably census offices), engineering corps, and mental hospitals, statistics, calculation, numbers, measures, and data, History of Sciencetporter@history.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 5256
(310) 206-2352
DanielPosnerProfessorPolitical ScienceComparative Politics, ethnic politics, research design, distributive politics and the political economy of development in Africadposner@polisci.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 3248
(310) 825-3626
ShainaPottsAssistant ProfessorGeographypost-colonial sovereign debt relations, transnational legal-financial geographies, and the politics of territory, Financial, legal and political geography; development studies; critical global studiesspotts@geog.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 1158

JeffreyPragerProfessorSociologyTheory/Psychoanalysis, Race/Ethnic/Minority Relations, Cultural Sociology,racism, trauma, and memory, South Africa and United Statesjprager@soc.ucla.edu
Haines Hall 257
(310) 825-3743
MarilynRaphaelProfessorGeographyThe Santa Ana Winds of California, Global Climate Change and Variability, Climate Modelling, Atmospheric Circulation Dynamics, Southern Hemisphere Atmospheric Circulation and Climate, Antarctic Sea Ice Variability, Tropical climatology, Boundary Layer Climates and Environmental Impact Analysisraphael@geog.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 1255
(310) 206-4590
ShereneRazackProfessorGender Studiesracial violencesherenerazack@ucla.edu
Public Affairs 6240

LuciaReProfessorGender StudiesModern and contemporary literature and culture; poetry and the novel, women writers and artists, feminist theory, modernism, futurism and the avant-garde, Italy, the Mediterranean and Africa, race studies, and literary translationre@humnet.ucla.edu
Royce Hall 354

(310) 794-8907
Shana L.RedmondAssociate ProfessorAfrican American StudiesMusic, race, and politics; racial formation, political cultures, nationalism, labor, and decolonization; Focus has been to understand the ways in which music is used as a strategy within the liberation politics and social movements of the African world; Black Studies, Performance Studies, History, Critical Ethnic Studies, Sound Studies, English and Literature, Cultural Studies, and (Ethno)Musicologyshana.redmond@schoolofmusic.ucla.edu
Schoenberg Hall 2414

NancyReifel (Rosebud Sioux)ProfessorAmerican Indian StudiesPublic Health and Community Dentistrynreifel@dentistry.ucla.edu

JaniceReiffProfessorHistoryUnited States, Digital Humanities, Urban History, Social History, 20th Century, Historical Methodsjreiff@ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 9252
(310) 825-5029
DavidRigbyProfessorGeographyevolutionary economic geography, geographies of innovation and knowledge flow, technological change and regional economic growth, Geographies of Invention and Knowledge Flow, Analysis of Impacts of trade on U.S. Labor Markets, Analusis of the Micro-Economics of Agglomeration, Evolutionary Economic Geography, Geographies of Invention and Knowledge Flow, Technological Change and Regional Economic Growth/Uneven Development, Impacts of Trade

Bunche Hall 1255
(310) 825-7334
John G.RileyProfessorEconomicsTheory of contests; economics of incentives., Microeconomic Theory, Economics of Information, Game Theory, Industrial Organizationriley@econ.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 8367
(310) 825-1541
AngelaRiley (Citizen Potawatomi Nation)ProfessorAmerican Indian StudiesLegal scholar of indigenous peoples’ rights, with a particular emphasis on cultural property and Native governance; Lawriley@law.ucla.edu
Law 3248
(310) 206-3760
GeoffreyRobinsonProfessorHistoryhistory of political violence, genocide, human rights, and mass incarceration, primarily in Southeast Asia, South and Southeast Asiarobinson@history.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 5361
(310) 825-3563
RaymondRoccoProfessorPolitical SciencePolitical Theory and Race, Ethnicity and Politics, focuses on the relationships between globalization, democracy, citizenship and marginalized communities, Latin American communities in the U.S.rocco@polisci.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 3357
(310) 825-9282
RonaldRogowskiProfessorPolitical ScienceComparative Politics, design of electoral systems affects a nation's economic policies, globalization, capital mobility, and the sources of price differentials across national boundaries, international trade shapes domestic political coalitionsrogowski@polisci.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 3369
(310) 825-4371
Robert ChaoRomeroAssociate ProfessorChicana/o Studies, Asian-American StudiesAsian-Latinos in the United States; Asians in Latin America; Chicano/Latino legal historyrcromero@chavez.ucla.edu
Bunche 7353
(310) 206-2813
MichaelRossProfessorPolitical ScienceComparative Politics, political and economic problems of resource-rich countries, civil war, democratization, and gender rightsmlross@polisci.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 3375
(310) 267-5409
Peter E.RossiProfessorEconomicsPricing and promotion, target marketing, direct marketing, micro-marketing, limited dependent variable models and Bayesian statistical methods; electonic couponing web-based retailers, economics, statistics, econometricsperossichi@gmail.com
Entrepreneurs Hall 515B
(773) 294-8616
GiovanniRossiAssistant ProfessorSociologyConversation analysis, language, gesture, comparative study of social interaction, linguistic, social, and culturalrossi@soc.ucla.edu
Haines Hall 207
(310) 267-4832
GabrielRossmanAssociate ProfessorSociologyCulture, Economic Sociology, cultural industries (radio and film); diffusion and disreputable exchangerossman@soc.ucla.edu
Haines Hall 287
(310) 206-8904
AnanyaRoyProfessorGeographyCritical Poverty Studies, Gender Studies, Global Urbanisms, International Development, Postcolonial Theoryananyaucla@ucla.edu
Public Affairs 5367

TeofiloRuizProfessorHistorysocial and popular cultures of late medieval and early modern Spain and the Western Mediterranean, Medieval, Early Modern Europe
Bunche Hall 6258
(310) 825-3194
TomaszSadzikAssistant ProfessorEconomicsMicroeconomic Theory, Game Theory, Microeconomic Theory, Game Theory, Financetsadzik@econ.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 9359
(310) 206-2833
AbigailSaguyProfessorSociology, Gender StudiesGender, culture, law, politics, comparative sociology
Investigates contested public debates as a prism to examine how culture shapes and is shaped by institutional dynamics, including the mass media, mobilization of social movements, and pre-existing cultural legacies; sexual harassment and obesity
Haines Hall 264
(310) 794-4979
MichaelSalmanAssociate ProfessorHistorySouth and Southeast Asia, United Statessalman@history.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 9339
(310) 825-0893
OttoSanta AnaProfessorChicana/o StudiesLanguage and social hierarchies; Mass media representation of Latinos; Political humorotto@ucla.edu
Bunche 7361
(213) 590-3798
AndresSantosProfessorEconomicstheoretical econometrics, with an emphasis on estimation and inference in nonstandard problems, Econometricsandres@econ.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 8283
(310) 825-9528
BrookeScelzaAssociate ProfessorAnthropologyHuman behavioral ecology, life history theory, reproductive ecology, maternal and child health; Australia, Namibia.
, Biological Anthropology
Haines 396
(310) 825-1437
GregsonSchachnerAssociate ProfessorAnthropology, Archaeology, American Indian StudiesNorth American archaeology; population movement; origins of villages and leadership in agricultural societies; settlement systems and analysis; ceramic analysis; social context of archaeological practice; American Southwest
Archaeology and history of Native American communities of the Southwest; cultural heritage and repatriation; social context of modern archaeological practice; Anthropology
Haines 302
(310) 825-5302
William M.SchniedewindProfessorArchaeologyBiblical Studies and Northwest Semitic Languages; Hebrew Bible, Northwest Semitics; Second temople Judaism; Social and Cultural History of Ancient Israel; Inner-biblical and Early Jewish Interpretation; Sociolinguistics of Classical Hebrew Languagewilliams@humnet.ucla.edu
Humanities 380

ThomasSchwartzProfessorPolitical ScienceMethodology, social choice theory and mathematical political science, philosophy, mathematics, and economics to study problems of collective choice, institutional design, and constitutional politicstschwartz@polisci.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 3240
(310) 825-1972
Gary M.SeguraProfessorPolitical Science, Chicana/o StudiesIssues of political representation and social cleavages, the domestic politics of wartime public opinion and the politics of America’s growing Latino minoritysegura@luskin.ucla.edu
Public Affairs 3250
JudithSeltzerProfessorSociologyDemography; Family; Stratification/Mobility; Life Course, Inequality, marriage, cohabitationseltzerj@ucla.edu
Haines Hall 212A
(310) 825-5646
Jennifer A.SharpeProfessorGender StudiesPostcolonial Theory, Caribbean Literature; Archive Studies; Black Atlanticsharpe@ucla.edu
Kaplan Hall 274

ShuyangShengAssistant ProfessorEconomicsempirical models of social interactions, Econometrics, Social Networks, Applied Econometricsssheng@econ.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 8357
(310) 825-8018
YongweiShengProfessorGeographyremote sensing, photogrammetry, geographic information systems (GIS), and their applications in large-area environmental monitoring and assessment, GIS; Remote Sensing; Photogrammetry; Environmental Studies; Forestry; Global Lake Dynamics; Global Changeysheng@geog.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 1255
(310) 825-1415
EricSheppardProfessorGeographyGeographical political economy, Trade and uneven geographies of globalization, Out-of-equilibrium spatial capitalist economic dynamics, Great transformations of Asian cities: Contesting global urbanism, Urban sustainability and environmental justice ,Critical geographic information technologies, globalization, economic geography, urban and political geography, development geographies, geographic thought, geographic information technologiesesheppard@geog.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 1255
(310) 825-1912
Shu-MeiShihProfessorAsian-American StudiesSinophone studies, modern Chinese literature, modern Taiwan literature, minority discourse, critical theory, postcolonial studies, feminism, transnationalism, and world literatureshih@humnet.ucla.edu
Royce Hall 241B

(310) 794-8944
MichaelShinAssociate ProfessorGeographygeographic information systems (GIS), political and economic geography, and Italian politics and society, reconciling universal (global) assumptions about political and economic patterns with particular (regional/local) outcomes and processes, geographical data analysis and visualization, GIS, political geography and spatial analysis, cartography
Bunche Hall 1255
(310) 825-3727
David DelgadoShorterProfessorAnthropology, Gender Studiees, American Indian StudiesReligious Studies, Ethnography, ritual/myth/symbol, globalization, digital and filmic representations, qualitative research methods, paranormal studies, Yoeme (Yaqui) Religious Traditions, Ethnography, Theories of Colonialisms, Cultural Studies, Performance Studies, Indigenous “Webresentations”
Black Atlantic oral narrative traditions, myths, rituals and popular cultures, indigenous lifeways, other-than-human relations, history of science, ethnography, colonialism, healing
Kaufman 130F
(310) 206-6699
Bunche Hall 9337
(310) 825-5066
GiuliaSissaProfessorPolitical SciencePolitical Theory, history, anthropology and philosophy of the ancient world, feminism, sexuality, addiction, democratic theory, utopian thinking, and political emotions, ancient democracy and imperialism, on politics and the passions, and on the political pursuit of pleasure, from Athens to Utopiasissa@polisci.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 4238
(310) 825-4294
SusanSlyomovicsProfessorAnthropologyGender; human rights; folklore and material culture; visual anthropology; Middle East and North Africa
, Sociocultural Anthropology
Haines 312
(310) 206-3702
Laurence C.SmithProfessorGeographyArctic, Hydrology and Remote Sensing technologies, Environmental science, satellite imaging, and physical geographylsmith@geog.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 1127A
(310) 825-1071
Monica L.SmithProfessorAnthropology, ArchaeologyUrbanism; economic networks; consumption and material culture; anthropology of food; comparative historical archaeology; South Asia, Mediterranean, Southwestern U.S., Archaeologysmith@anthro.ucla.edu
Fowler A351/A148
(310) 794-9179
Daniel G.SolorzanoProfessorChicana/o StudiesCritical race and gender theory in education; Critical race pedagogy; Racial microaggressions in education; Educational access, persistence, and graduation of Students of Color in the United States
Moore Hall 2022C
(310) 206-7855
ShannonSpeed (Chickasaw)Associate ProfessorAmerican Indian Studies, Anthropology, Gender Studiesindigenous politics, legal anthropology, human rights, neoliberalism, gender, indigenous migration, and activist research, indigenous Latin American women migrants and gender violence
Legal anthropology; indigenous rights; human rights; indigenous migration; gender; neoliberalism, race and ethnicity; sovereignty/autonomy; activist research methodologies, Sociocultural Anthropology
Campbell Hall 3220A
(310) 206-9673
Steven L.SpiegelProfessorPolitical ScienceInternational Relations, American foreign policy in the Middle Eastspiegel@polisci.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 3385
(310) 825-1276
RameshSrinivasanAssociate ProfessorAmerican Indian Studiesrelationship between technology, politics and societies across the world, Information Studies and Design; Media Artssrinivasan@gseis.ucla.edu

PeterStaceyAssociate ProfessorHistoryRenaissance philosophy, political theory and intellectual history, 1200-1600, Renaissance political thought between the thirteenth and the sixteenth centuries, Europe. European intellectual history, 1200-1600; History of European political thought and philosophy from classical antiquity to early modernitypstacey@history.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 5373
(310) 825-1567
CharlesStanishProfessorArchaeologyAndean anthropology; settlement archaeology; evolution of social complexitystanish@anthro.ucla.edu
Fowler A207/A322-A
(310) 267-5579
FrancisSteenAssociate ProfessorCommunicationhow people use the multimodal information in mass media to form complex and integrated models of reality, using language, images, gesture, and emotionsteen@commstds.ucla.edu
Rolfe Hall 2328
(310) 825-3147
Sarah AbrevayaSteinProfessorHistoryJewish, Sephardic Studiessstein@history.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 6296
(310) 825-4153
ArthurSteinProfessorPolitical ScienceInternational Relations theory, international cooperation and conflict, ethnic conflict, terrorism, economic relations, and global governancestein@polisci.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 3389B
(310) 825-1173
Richard H.SteinbergProfessorPolitical ScienceInternational law and international relations, with a focus on international economic law, international criminal law, and human rightssteinberg@law.ucla.edu

(310) 267-2064
BrendaStevensonProfessorHistory, African American Studiesrace, slavery, gender, family and racial conflict, comparative, historical experiences of women, family, and community across racial and ethnic lines, intersection of race and gender, United States, African American, Southern, U.S. Women and Familystevenso@history.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 6274
(310) 825-9420
James W.StiglerProfessorAnthropologyUnderstanding processes of teaching and learning, especially of mathematics and science, from kindergarten through college; Re-thinking the role of research and development in education, and in particular, how researchers can work with designer/developers and practitioners to build and improve education interventionsstigler@psych.ucla.edu
Franz Hall 2279B
(310) 206-9494
TanyaStiversProfessorSociologyConversation Analysis, Medical Sociologystivers@soc.ucla.edu
Haines Hall 244
(310) 825-3840
KatherineStoneProfessorSociologyLabor and employment law in the United States; employment law, labor and social policy, contract law, and arbitration lawstone@law.ucla.edu

Michael C.StorperProfessorGeographyCities and New Technologies, Economic Development, Global Public Affairs, Innovation, Regional Political Economy, Urban Economicsstorper@ucla.edu
Public Affairs 5288
(014) 549-7772
SanjaySubrahmanyamProfessorHistoryeconomic history and comparative economic development, medieval and early modern South Asian and Indian Ocean history, the history of European expansion, the comparative history of early modern empires, South and Southeast Asia, Europe, Worldsubrahma@history.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 9347
(310) 825-3376
WilliamSummerhillProfessorHistorysovereign debt, credit markets, schooling and human capital, railroads and infrastructure, and inequality, Brazil, Latin America, Economic History, Atlantic Historywrs@history.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 9256
(310) 206-7600
MeganSweeneyProfessorSociologyFamily, Demography, Contraception / Reproductive Health, Social economic underpinnings of family lifemsweeney@soc.ucla.edu
Haines Hall 202
(310) 206-7290
ReneeTajima-PeñaProfessorAsian-American StudiesSocial documentary film, video and transmedia production, focusing on Asian American and immigrant communities, race, gender, and social change., filmmaker, documentaries, documentary, and transmedia projectsrtajima@asianam.ucla.edu
Rolfe Hall 3336
(310) 267-5592
MarikoTamanoi 玉野井 麻利子ProfessorAnthropologySociocultural anthropology, historical anthropology, political economy, gender studies; colonialism and nationalism; Japan and East Asia; Mexico and Spain (Catalonia)
, Sociocultural Anthropology
Haines 325
(310) 206-8399
ChrisTausanovitchAssistant ProfessorPolitical ScienceAmerican Politics, Methodology, Representation, American Politics, Public Opinion, Congress, and Methodology, mechanics of democratic representationctausanovitch@polisci.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 3383
(310) 825-6392
KevinTerracianoProfessorHistory, American Indian StudiesColonial Latin American history, Mexico and the indigenous cultures and languages of central and southern Mexico, History
Latin American history, Mexico and the Indigenous cultures and languages of central and southern Mexico (Nahuatl, Mixtec, and Zapotec) in the colonial period, Latin America
Bunche 5353
(310) 825-8410
MaryTerrallProfessorHistoryHistory of Scienceterrall@history.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 5276
(310) 825-2013
MichaelThiesAssociate ProfessorPolitical ScienceComparative Politics, theoretical knowledge of legislative institutions, electoral systems, and party competition to the study of Japanese politics, political institutions, delegation, and policy-makingthies@polisci.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 4335
(310) 825-1976
RussellThorntonProfessorAnthropologyAmerican Indian historical demography, American Indian revitalization movements, American Indian winter counts, contemporary American Indian issues
, Sociocultural Anthropology
Haines 306
(310) 825-7080
C. JasonThroopProfessorAnthropologyPsychological and medical anthropology, phenomenology, sensorial anthropology, theories of experience in anthropology, self and subjective experience, empathy, pain, emotion/mood, morality, temporality, anthropology of the will, Yap (Federated States of Micronesia)
, Psychocultural and Medical Anthropology
Haines 388
(310) 794-2190
Nguyễn-võThu-hươngAssociate ProfessorAsian-American StudiesAlternative epistemologies, time, and the human in relation to necroeconomics and necropolitics. Futurist visions at intercolonial moments in early 20th century, the 1960s, and after. Intersections between Vietnamese and Black Studies, critical theory, Vietnamese and Vietnamese American politics and culturenguyenvo@humnet.ucla.edu
Royce Hall 248B

Christopher C.TillyProfessorSociologyCommunity Development, Labor and Employment, Latin America Social Movements/Labor Unionstilly@ucla.edu

Public Affairs 5358
(310) 206-7150
StefanTimmermansProfessorSociologyEthnography, sociology of health and illness, science and technology, the body, death and dyingstefan@soc.ucla.edu
Haines Hall 216
(310) 206-6526
JamesTongProfessorPolitical ScienceComparative Politics, Chinese Politics and political violence, civil society, gender and political participation, agency problems and control in China, and the Asian financial crisisjtong@polisci.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 3377
(310) 825-3464
AaronTornellProfessorEconomicsLending booms and financial crises, Robust forecasting and Asset pricing, Financial liberalization, dynamic models of rent-seeking and reform, International Economics, Political Economy, Robust Controltornell@econ.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 8387
(310) 794-1686
RobertTragerAssociate ProfessorPolitical ScienceInternational Relations, how states form beliefs about the intentions of other states, and in particular on the role of diplomacy, determinants of coercive success and international terrorismrtrager@ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 4349
(310) 825-8809
SharonTraweekAssociate ProfessorHistory, Gender Studiescultural studies of science, technology, medicine
20th and 21st century “technosciences,” attending to their embodied gendered performance of subject formation of expertise, knowledge crafting, migration, and narrative practices, including their strategic engagements with the global political economies in which they are embedded
Rolfe Hall 2214
(310) 825-2884
DanielTreismanProfessorPolitical ScienceComparative Politics, Russian politics and economics and comparative political economytreisman@polisci.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 3365
(310) 794-5875
Patricia A.TurnerProfessorAfrican American StudiesRacial dynamics as they surface in folklore and popular culture; African American quilterspturner@college.ucla.edu
Murphy Hall 2300
(310) 206-3961
StefaniaTutinoProfessorHistoryEarly Modern Europetutino@history.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 7389
(310) 825-8909
KarenUmemotoProfessorAsian-American Studiesissues of democracy and social justice in multicultural societies with a focus on US cities, planning processes, social inclusion, participatory democracy and political transformationkumemoto@ucla.edu
Rolfe Hall 3336

DellUptonProfessorArchaeologyhistory of architecture, cities, and material culturedupton@humnet.ucla.edu
Dodd Hall 200B
(310) 206-8370
AlbionUrdankAssociate Professor (Emeritus 6/30/19)HistoryBritish social and economic history, local and regional communities of the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, Europe/Britainaurdank@history.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 5284
(310) 825-8888
ConcepcionValadezAssociate ProfessorAmerican Indian StudiesLanguage education, bilingualism, literacy, curriculum design, testing and linguistic minorities, educationvaladez@gseis.ucla.edu
Moore Hall 2119

Jose LuisValenzuelaProfessorChicana/o StudiesDirected theater plays, Latino theater, The Mother of Henry, Destiny of Desire, Dimentia, A Mexican Trilogy: An American Story, La Olla, Premeditation, Solitude, La Victima and La Virgen de Guadalupe, Dios Inantzin
Macgowan Hall 2335
(310) 206-7291
AbelValenzuela Jr.ProfessorChicana/o StudiesImmigration and labor markets, poverty and inequality, immigration settlement patternsabel@irle.ucla.edu
Bunche 7365
(310) 206-8224
LynnVavreckProfessorCommunicationCampaigns, elections, public opinionlvavreck@ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 3351
(310) 825-4855
JonathanVogelProfessorEconomicsinternational trade and industrial organization, impact of trade liberalization between countries that differ in the quality of their institutions; liberalization impact on the distributions of income and human capital‚ both within nations and across their boundaries‚ skill premium and immigration in the context of trade, International Trade, Applied Microeconomics, Macroeconomicsjvogel@econ.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 9290
(310) 794-7104
Till VonWachterProfessorEconomicsunemployment insurance, employment transitions of workers and the impact of job loss, Labor Economics, Economics of Aging, Personnel Economics, Applied Microeconomics, Macroeconomicstvwachter@econ.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 9367
(310) 825-5665
RogerWaldingerProfessorSociologyInternational migration; race and ethnicity; social, political, and economic consequenceswaldinger@soc.ucla.edu
Haines Hall 253A
(310) 206-9233
Brian EsparzaWalkerAssociate ProfessorPolitical ScienceAmerican political theory, European social theory and comparative political theory, cross-national analysis of theories of civic responsibilitybwalker@polisci.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 3347
(310) 825-1064
EdwardWalkerProfessorSociologyPolitical Sociology, Social Movements, Organizations, the Nonprofit Sectorwalker@soc.ucla.edu
Haines Hall 235
(310) 206-2918
AnneWarlaumontAssociate ProfessorCommunicationearly development and evolution of human vocal signalswarlaumont@ucla.edu
Rolfe Hall 2316

JoanWaughProfessorHistorynineteenth-century America, Civil War, Reconstruction, and Gilded Age eras, United Statesjwaugh@history.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 9351
(310) 825-1865
Scott L.WaughProfessorHistoryThe Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost serves as the chief operating and academic officer for the campus. He works closely with the Chancellor and an extensive group of campus colleagues in guiding strategic planning and policy development, in promoting campus-wide academic initiatives and in defining budgetary and development priorities; history
Murphy Hall 2147
(310) 825-2052
Pierre-OlivierWeillProfessorEconomicsSearch frictions in asset markets, quantitative models of economic geography, information transmission, analysis and regulation of Over-the-Counter (OTC) markets, the measurement of the financial soundness of U.S. firms, and the design of monetary policy in incomplete markets, intersection of macroeconomics and finance, Macroeconomics, Finance, Real Estate, Monetary Economicspoweill@econ.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 8355
(310) 794-6495
Willeke Z.WendrichProfessorArchaeologySocial context of crafts organization and specialization, ethnoarchaeology, practical use of symbolic space, visual archaeology and the study of regionality versus long distance contactswendrich@humnet.ucla.edu
Fowler A207
(310) 206-1496
DavidWilkinsonProfessorPolitical ScienceInternational Relations, long-term and large-scale phenomena in world politics, including empires and systems of independent states, fluctuations in the power structures of civilizations and world systems on very long time scales, multipolarity, unipolarity and hegemonydow@ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 3280
(310) 825-3450
Juliet A.WilliamsProfessorGender Studiesfeminist theory, masculinity studies, gender and the law, gender and education, feminist cultural studies, Gender and the Law; Feminist Political Theory; Masculinity Studies; Gender and Education; Feminist Cultural Studies; Socio-Legal Research Methodsjawilliams@gender.ucla.edu
Rolfe Hall 2201
(310) 794-7954
R. BinWongProfessorHistoryChinese patterns of political, economic and social change, Asia eighteenth century, contemporary conditions of globalization, Chinawong@history.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 7262
(310) 267-5462
BrianWoodAssistant ProfessorAnthropologyHunter-gatherers; human behavioral ecology; evolutionary demography; foraging theory; movement ecology; social organization, Biological Anthropologybwood@ucla.edu
Haines 384
(310) 794-7157
WilliamWorgerProfessor (Emeritus 6/30/19)Historysocial and economic history of southern Africa, contestations between African and European over the meaning of colonialism in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Africanworger@history.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 2221C

YongkangXueProfessorGeographyclimatology, atmosphere-land surface modeling and dynamics, regional dynamic downscaling, meteorological prediction, and remote sensingyxue@geog.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 1255
(310) 825-1122
YunxiangYan 阎云翔ProfessorAnthropologySocial change and development, family and kinship, cultural globalization, morality, the individual and individualization
, Sociocultural Anthropology
Haines 366
(310) 267-4336
RichardYarboroughProfessorAfrican American StudiesEnglish and African American Studies and also a Faculty Research Associate with the UCLA Ralph J. Bunche Center for African American Studiesyarborou@humnet.ucla.edu
Humanities 201
(310) 825-2914
MaryYeagerProfessor (Emeritus)HistoryAmerican Economic History, United Statesyeager@ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 7381
(310) 825-3489
CraigYirushAssociate ProfessorHistorydevelopment of political ideas in the early modern British Atlantic, church-state relations in colonial America, the question of Amerindian rights in the first British Empire, and the connection between law and political theory in early modern Europe, United Statesyirush@history.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 5270
(310) 825-3078
Lorrie FrasureYokleyAssociate ProfessorAfrican American StudiesRacial/ethnic political behavior, immigrant political incorporation, African American politics, women and politics, and state and local politicslfrasure@polisci.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 3278
(310) 825-7829
David K.YooProfessorAsian-American Studies, HistoryAsian American history, United States history, religion and Asian Americansdkyoo@ucla.edu

Rolfe Hall 3336

(310) 267-5592
JohnZallerProfessorPolitical ScienceAmerican Politics, Theory of Media Politics, public opinion, statistical methodszaller@ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 3355
(310) 825-7527
William R.ZameProfessorEconomicsIncomplete markets; bankruptcy; continuous and non-standard models in game theory; economic geography, impact of culture on economic outcomes in diverse societies, informational asymmetries in macroeconomics. experimental financial markets, and a number of topics in electrical engineering, Mathematical Economics, Economic Theory, Game Theory, Finance, Experimental Economics, Microeconomic Theoryzame@econ.ucla.edu
Bunche Hall 8359
(310) 206-9463
John ChristopherZepeda-MillánAssociate ProfessorChicana/o Studiesczm@ucla.edu

(310) 825-3675
MinZhouProfessorSociology, Asian-American StudiesInternational Migration, Race/Ethnic/Minority Relations, Asia/Asian America, Community and Urban Sociology, immigrant adaptation, the new second generation, Asian American communities, ethnic entrepreneurship, immigrant transnational organizations, ethnic language media, ethnic language schools, and ethnic systems of supplementary education, China's housing reform, internal migrant workers' adaptation to urban life, and migrant-sending communities, as well as on African migration to China and intra-Asian migration, Sociologymzhou@soc.ucla.edu
Rolfe Hall 3336/Haines Hall 241A
LynneZuckerProfessorSociologyRational Choice, Organizations--Formal/Complex, Science and Technology, Theory, Organization theory, institutional structure and process, knowledge generation and transfer, comparative international institutions, industrial productivityzucker@ucla.edu
Haines Hall 241C
(310) 825-9155