By All MEANS Necessary - New UCLA Report on Hollywood Diversity and Inclusion Practices

September 18, 2019 Diversity initiatives have become their…

Why Is Physical Education a Student's Most Important Subject?

Since 2015, TEDxUCLA has provided a platform for innovative…

Chancellor’s Award for Community-Engaged Scholars

Six new UCLA ladder faculty members were presented with the inaugural…

Creating an Equitable Workplace for Women

The New York Times recently hosted the New Rules Summit which…

A New Perspective on Gender Neutrality…Continued

UCLA professors Abigail C. Saguy and Juliet A. Williams recently…

Do You Need an Expert in the Social Sciences? Find One at UCLA Through Our New Search Tool

The LA Social Science e-forum is kicking off the summer by…

Informing Policy in Real Time: UCLA LPPI in Sacramento

By Celina Avalos and Sonja Diaz On May 20, 2019, the UCLA…

UCLA Professor Fajgelbaum Examines a "Return to Protectionism" in Recent Trade Wars

UCLA Associate Professor Pablo Fajgelbaum's fascinating research…


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