On Board with the Obamas: A Comprehensive Oral History of Their Lives

“Columbia has a rich oral history tradition and they’ve…

Professional Development through Networking in the Bay Area

By Amado Castillo and Eduardo Solis With over 1,000 organizations…

Stemming the Rise of Latino Homelessness: Lessons from Los Angeles County [LPPI Report]

Earlier this year, in collaboration with Dr. Melissa Chinchilla,…

Visual Representation and Gender Fit in the Workplace

INSEAD, The Business School for the World, “brings together…

Co-Director of UCLA Voting Rights Center Secures Settlement on Texas Voting Rights Case

UCLA lecturer and co-director of the UCLA Voting Rights Center,…

A New Perspective on Gender Neutrality

UCLA Professors Abigail C. Saguy and Juliet A. Williams from…

Cities: A Compelling Part of Human Life

Monica L. Smith is a UCLA professor in the Department of…

A Fresh Perspective: Black Life Across U.S. Cities

UCLA’s Division of Social Sciences is full of amazing faculty,…


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