LA Social Science visits the UCLA Race, Ethnicity, Politics and Society (REPS) lab, directed by Dr. Efrén Pérez, Professor of Political Science and Psychology. As part of the Rising Scholar series, this video showcases his students who are working on cutting edge research on race and politics. The scholars present new publications and ongoing research projects. This research lab illustrates the power of research in the UCLA Social Sciences that centers the importance of diversity and has strong impacts on our society.

Interview Chapters:

00:00 – Intro

00:56 – Efrén Pérez provides overview of research projects and lab

11:09 – William Scott-Curtis

14:33 – Bianca Vicuña

16:39 – Crystal Robertson

19:44 – Alisson Ramos 

26:31 – Ying Xuan Chua

33:59 – Closing remarks


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