Summer 2020 starts this month, and LA Social Science will continue to highlight some of the summer courses being offered within the Division of Social Sciences at UCLA.

UCLA summer courses are open to BOTH UCLA students and NON-UCLA students. All Summer 2020 courses will be offered online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. You can enroll as long as you are 15 years of age or older by the first day of summer and you do NOT have to be enrolled in an academic institution in order to participate in UCLA Summer Sessions. For more information, click HERE.

UCLA’s Communication Department has amazing courses this summer. Check out the course list below and click on each link to read the full course description. Enroll HERE or click on each of the links below.

Session A:  June 22 – August 31

COMM 1APublic Speaking for Nonnative Speakers(Negrete/Merschel)TR10:45am-12:50pm
COMM 1Principles of Oral Communication(Miller)MW1:00-3:05pm
COMM 10Introduction to Communication(Suman)TR10:45am-12:50pm
COMM 100Communication Science(Jones/Bryant)MW3:15-5:20pm
COMM 114Understanding Relationships(Suman)TR1:00-3:05pm
COMM 120Group Communication(Bates)TR10:45am-12:50pm
COMM 148Marketing, Advertising and Human Nature(Feramisco)TR10:00am-1:10pm
COMM 157Celebrity, Fame and Social Media(Peterson)MW1:00-3:05pm
COMM 166Inside Hollywood (click HERE for flyer)
COMM 188ASex in the Cinema(Hurwitz)TR3:15-5:20pm
COMM 188DCrisis Communication and Social Media (click HERE for flyer)
COMM 195Summer Internship Course(Johnson/Svenson)

Session C:  August 3 – September 11

COMM 105Media Conspiracy Theories in U.S. and the Middle East(Arbabzadah)MW3:15-5:20pm
COMM 108Communication and Identity (watch video preview HERE)
COMM 109Entrepreneurial Communication (Peterson)MW10:45am-12:50pm
COMM 110Gender and Communication(Kicenski)TR1:00-3:05pm
COMM M113Nonverbal Communication and Body Language(Shropshire/Johnson)MW3:15-5:20pm
COMM 140Theory of Persuasive Communication(Suman)TR10:45-12:50pm
COMM 148Marketing, Advertising and Human Nature (Feramisco)TR3:15-5:20pm
COMM 156Social Networking(Peterson)MW1:00-3:05pm
COMM 188AComing of Age in World Cultures: Cinematic Approach(Arbabzadah)MW3:15-5:20pm
COMM 195Summer Internship Course(Johnson/Svenson)

Session C Three Week Session:  August 3-21

COMM 1APublic Speaking for Nonnative Speakers(Negrete/Merschel)MWF9:30am-12:20pm