In the latest session of the book series, Come Out, Come Out Whoever You Are author and UCLA Professor and Chair of Sociology, Dr. Abigail Saguy talks with LA Social Science about her new book. Come Out… examines how rhetoric is borrowed by different social movements in order to gain public attention and policies that can help groups beyond the LGBTQ Community, such as undocumented immigrants. Her book also examines the importance of intersectionality within these movements.

Interview Chapters:

0:00 – Intro

0:55 – What brought you to this topic?

6:05 – What is the main argument of the book?

10:34 – How does the rhetoric of coming out allow groups to gain recognition and social change?

14:33 – How does this relate to current events?

9:06 – How does understanding history of chromosomes help us understand contemporary debates?

17:18 – Final thoughts, why pick up this book?

To learn more, check out Dr. Saguy’s book Come Out, Come Out Whoever You Are.


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