Summer 2020 is right around the corner, and LA Social Science will continue to highlight some of the summer courses being offered within the Division of Social Sciences at UCLA.

UCLA summer courses are open to BOTH UCLA students and NON-UCLA students. All Summer 2020 courses will be offered online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. You can enroll as long as you are 15 years of age or older by the first day of summer and you do NOT have to be enrolled in an academic institution in order to participate in UCLA Summer Sessions. For more information, click HERE.

UCLA’s History Department has 11 amazing courses this summer. Check out each of the flyers below and watch some fascinating video previews of a few of the courses. Enroll HERE or click on each of the links below.

Session A (June 22nd – July 31st)

  • HIST 1C – Introduction to Western Civilization: Circa 1715 to Present

  • HIST 97M – Introduction to Historical Practice: Double Visions in Southeast Asian History

  • HIST 140A – 20th-Century U.S. History, 1900 to 1928

  • HIST 141B – American Economic History, 1910 to Present

  • HIST 142D – American Popular Culture – Watch video preview HERE.

  • HIST 179B – History of Medicine: Foundations of Modern Medicine

  • HIST 180A – Science of Violence: Military Technology and Rationalization of Killing in Modern History


 Session C (August 3rd-September 11th)

  • HIST 1B – Introduction to Western Civilization: Circa 843 to Circa 1715

  • HIST 13C – History of the U.S. and Its Colonial Origins: 20th Century