As summer 2020 approaches, LA Social Science will be highlighting some of the summer courses being offered within the Division of Social Sciences at UCLA.

UCLA summer courses are open to BOTH UCLA students and non-UCLA students. All summer 2020 courses will be offered online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. You can enroll as long as you are 15 years of age or older by the first day of summer, and you do NOT have to be enrolled in an academic institution in order to participate in UCLA Summer Sessions. For more information, click HERE.


Payment is due by June 5 at 5pm PDT for visiting non-UC students and by June 19 at 5pm PDT for UC students.

The UCLA Department of Asian American Studies has exciting courses planned for the summer. Enroll HERE.

Session A

  • Asia Am 10 History of Asian Americans


  • Asia Am M191F/English M191C Topics in Asian American Literature: Asian American Creative Nonfiction: Tell Your Story


Session C

  • Asia Am M129/Comm HIT Sci M140 Health Issues for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders: Myth or Model?