What Does the L.A. Valley Girl Stereotype Say About Language and Power?

By Tyanna Slobe PhD student, Linguistic Anthropology,…

Celebrating Reverend Lawson’s Enduring Contributions at UCLA

By Kent Wong Director, UCLA Labor Center Rev. James…

A Case for Teaching Critical Media Literacy

By Rhonda Hammer, Lecturer, UCLA Department of Gender Studies We…

When They Call You a Criminal

By Rosie Rios, Administrative Director, UCLA Prison Education…

Storytelling For Self and Community Healing - UCLA Event Tomorrow 9/27

A Conversation with Dr. Beth Ribet, Co-Director and Co-Founder…

LA Social Science Presents "Conversations with Changemakers" Featuring Dr. Karen Umemoto

Dr. Karen Umemoto is a professor in the Department of Asian…

Fear Is a Party Animal

By Sarah Gavish, UCLA Master of Social Science ‘18 In…

UCLA Faculty and Alumni Discuss the Past and Present Politicization of the US Census

Comparative historical sociologists, Professors Dylan Riley…

UCLA Dream Resource Center Sponsors Hackathon

By Kent Wong Director, UCLA Labor Center The UCLA Labor…


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