Community Partners

Recent posts that review some of the ways in which we engage with our community partners.

Stemming the Rise of Latino Homelessness: Lessons from Los Angeles County [LPPI Report]

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Earlier this year, in collaboration with Dr. Melissa Chinchilla, PhD, MCP, the UCLA Latino Policy and Politics Initiative (LPPI) presented a critical look at the unique experience of Latino homelessness in Los Angeles County, the jurisdiction…

UCLA LPPI Study Identifies Barriers Latino Students Face When Pursuing a Medical Career in California

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UCLA Latino Policy and Politics Initiative study finds that Latino students pursuing a medical career in California must overcome significant barriers to successfully become physicians. The main barriers identified are: financial and opportunity…

Bargaining for the Common Good: An Analysis of the Los Angeles Teachers’ Strike

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By Betty Hung, Staff Director, and Kent Wong, Director, UCLA Labor Center Thirty-four thousand Los Angeles teachers launched a six-day strike from January 14 to 22, 2019, impacting five hundred thousand students and their families. On…

Testimony on Voting Rights Issues

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The U.S. House Committee on Administration was authorized by Speaker Nancy Pelosi to conduct field hearings, at locations around the country, on voting rights issues. The committee decided to conduct its first such hearing in Brownsville,…

Growing Up Bilingual in Multilingual Los Angeles

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By Lilit Ghazaryan UCLA Graduate Student, Department of Anthropology Immigrant families living in the United States are often faced with the challenge of either raising their children monolingual or putting the emphasis on also teaching…

Engaging LA: UCLA and Destination Crenshaw

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Los Angeles is known for many things, such as warm weather, beautiful beaches, heavy traffic, busy airport, Hollywood, the entertainment business, and ethnic and cultural diversity. It is also a place that houses so much rich history. History…